Obamas in for a Culinary Treat on Martha's Vineyard

The Obamas are in for a Culinary Treat on Martha's Vineyard!
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Obamas in for a Culinary Treat on Martha’s Vineyard

The foods the first family are likely to enjoy during their first family vacation since Obama took office. “Ale to the Chief” or an “Obama Muffin” Anyone?

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The Obamas

The Obamas are spending the week on Martha’s Vineyard. Low key, with lots of beaches and bike paths, for years Martha’s Vineyard has been a favorite stomping ground for politicos – particularly Democrats like the Kennedys – and celebs like Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman and Spike Lee. Steven Spielberg filmed Jaws there; and Bill Clinton picked up a t-shirt for Monica Lewinsky at the island’s The Black Dog restaurant.

But beyond that infamous eatery, the cuisine of Martha’s Vineyard offers an array of outstanding and unique choices for the first family to sample in between swimming, golfing, boating and relaxing this week. What might they choose?

Martha’s Visit is famous for its seafood, so chances are good that the Obamas will enjoy fresh catch this week. Maybe they’ll chow down at the cute hole in the wall, the Bite, famous for their fried clams.

Or maybe they’ll enjoy Lobster rolls – a classic New England treat. Chunks of lobster seasoned with just a little mayo and white pepper in freshly baked rolls – are sold for $13 as part of a community fundraiser every Friday afternoon at Grace Church.

Michelle’s into veggie gardens and organic food, so maybe she’ll scoop up some of the colorful organic fruits and veggies for sale at the nearby West Tisbury Farmer’s Market, one of New England’s best and biggest outdoor markets.

Barack reportedly doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, but if Michelle and the girls crave a little sugar, someone will surely point them to Martha’s Vineyard Gourmet Bakery, for some of the best apple fritters they’ll ever taste.

And the island is ready for the Obamas. In honor of the first family’s visit this week the local merchants have decked storefronts with cardboard cutouts of the president and named an array of food and drinks after him:

-Espresso Love Café is serving “Obama Muffin” – a coconut and macadamia nod to Barack’s Hawaiian heritage

-Mocha Mott’s coffee shop’s got “Mochabama” – a blend of black and white chocolates mixed with espresso.

– Offshore Ale brewpub created “Ale to the Chief,” an American pale made from all-American ingredients.

– Sharky’s Cantina, a Mexican restaurant, added “Barack-o-Taco” and “Obama-rita” to their menu

Can’t get to Martha’s Vineyard this week to join the Obamas? No worries. You can always cook one of Martha’s Vineyard classic recipes at home.

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