Octo-Mom: Should We Stop Reporting?

As porn companies battle over oct-mom, we wonder if it's time to put a lid on it

Mean Betty

Should We Stop Reporting On Octo-Mom?

As porn companies battle over Octo-mom, we wonder if it’s time to put a lid on it

-Mean Betty

Nadya Suleman pornHmmmm … a chance to prove ourselves holier than thou vs. continued expression of shock and awe at the ever-fascinating (and seemingly endless) Octo-mom saga. Decisions, decisions!

On one hand, being a lady of class and virtue, Mean Betty does concede that entertainment reporter Billy Bush has a point. Oh, did you miss that? Allow Mean Betty to illuminate! According to Billy (paragon of journalistic integrity), Access Hollywood (paragon of straight-news reporting) is no longer going to report on the antics of one Nadya Suleman. After wrapping up a juicy little tidbit about Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson’s latest spat, Billy announced:

“Before we go, let me tell you why going forward we are not going to cover the octo-mom: It’s gross … Now some of our illustrious media are showcasing smackdowns and faceoffs with Nadya and her mom while denying that they have paid her big money to do this. If they have, it’s just short-term money in her hands. If octo-mom makes news with a movie of the week or reality show, heaven forbid, we might just have to report it. We will not reward it.”

Now, that does give Mean Betty pause. Are we rewarding Octo-mom for her outrageous and unconscionable behavior? Are we merely adding fuel to the fire that keeps Nadya and her wacked-out parents in the national spotlight, thus allowing her to profit from her publicity?

What do YOU think, dear readers … should we stop writing about this story? CAN WE POSSIBLY RESIST???

Well, you mull that over for a bit dears, but, since we’re here anyway … we might as well make a day out of it and give you the latest. We can solemnly swear that NO money is changing hands here – not even enough for one measly little acrylic fill.

Surely you heard yesterday that Nadya had been offered $1 million to star in a porn by Vivid Entertainment — and they’ll throw in health benefits if she become a “contract girl.” Well, there’s certainly a vivid thought. Now, TMZ (bless their black little hearts) has obtained a letter from Pink Visual, a RIVAL PORN COMPANY “WITH A CONSCIENCE” who is offering Nadya a year’s supply of diapers if she turns down Vivid’s offer.

Mean Betty begs you … could Jerry Springer MAKE THIS UP?

As Pink Visual so solemnly warns, if Nadya accepts the porn offer, she “will become the subject of endless ridicule and scorn.”

Heavens, we wouldn’t want that to happen!

Meanwhile, of course, Dr. Phil has jumped into the mix, giving The Early Show  a taste of his upcoming interview (tune in Thursday!) with the woman he cleverly assesses as being “a very confused young woman.”

His opinion:

” … The best option is to try and work out a solution in place. And that means that we can’t turn our back on these 14 innocent children. I think she needs money, I think she needs volunteer manpower, I think she needs some of the corporate folks that often step up, whether it’s diaper companies, baby food companies, those sorts of things, to say, ‘I’m not going to turn my back on the 14 children.'”

Dearies, one thing is certain. Nadya Suleman is the gift that will keep on giving as far as the media industry is concerned. What does that say about our culture, our society? Who knows … Mean Betty can’t answer that question (she’s too busy wondering what will happen next … a Playboy offer? A marriage proposal from Joe Francis? Is anything too bizarre to contemplate?).

But she does know that Page Six’s Cindy Adams hit the nail on the head this morning when she said, “Come sweeps, we’ll see that Octo-mom’s octopuss all over TV.”

Mean Betty sure will be tuned in … will you? And, yes, she hates herself, too.

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0 thoughts on “Octo-Mom: Should We Stop Reporting?

  1. Unfortunately she is benefiting from all this publicity, but I don’t think you should refrain from covering the excesses and heinousness because this story has a lot to tell us about our society.

  2. I’m sick of hearing about this girl. And have no interest in what or who is offering her sicko deals. She’s WT and I’d rather not know what people like this are doing. It makes me sick to my stomach!!!

  3. Remove all 14 children and push this woman back into the darkness from which she emerged to birth her litter in the spotlight of public knowledge. Arrest her for child abuse and neglect, give her court-ordered psychiatric evaluations, and give those babies decent homes where love and attention can be lavished on them. All of this should be done outside the public realm. The main thing is care of all the children in the miasmic conditions under which they must be existing while their breeder fails so miserably in her Angelina Jolie imitation. Scrape her off the pages of the newspapers and the screens of the TV and Internet.
    Lavish love and attention on each child, not on its mother. It’s past time to tie her tubes so she can’t grab the limelight again at more babies’ expense. Let her become a pornography queen, although why any pornographer in her/his right mind would want to film all those stretch marks bewilders me. Maybe the positioning of genitalia all day afflicts these “filmmakers” with neuroses as bad, if different, from those of the litter-bearer they’re wooing. Let them work things out after the entire group of children is safe and secure and keep her out of legit and even marginally legit news.

  4. It would be my hope that child protective services are investigating the home that not only the older 6 children live in, but will be home to the octuplets. I also think that the doctor that insiminated Nadya should be investigated for unethical practices.

  5. 1. Hysterectomy. 2. Put the kids in decent homes. 3. Let her become a porn star if she wants so she earns proper (dis)respect. 4. Report on the kids, and let her “news” go to porn publications or whatever. I don’t want to hear about her!

  6. Why do we read and comment about her if we don’t want to hear about her? I’m as guilty as anyone else, as sick of her as anyone else — so what’s our fascination? Is it because this is so unusual a situation? Are the original children from the same background, six-at-one-go? If not, and they are left in her care, I really pity those older kids, because they’ll be doing all the work while she’s “in school.” (Does anyone really believe “schooling” is her goal?)

  7. I honestly know that I am not watching for any other reason than to hopefully find that the babies have all been taken away from her. They are adorable and they need good homes! Having seen where the other 6 are being raised, I cannot imagine how it will look if she has 8 more! I don’t care if she does buy a million dollar house, she still is a horrible mother. If it hadn’t been for the grandparents, the first 6 would be worse off than they are. She is not fit to raise a dog, let alone 14 children! She is just looking for another way to get a free handout so she can sit around on her big fanny and drink lattes and have her nails done. If she really loved her children so much, she would have spent every penny on them. Instead, she gets plastic surgery and personal items. She is so disgusting! I want to keep seeing what is happening because I am waiting for the day when I read that she is found unfit to raise the babies and they are removed. Then I could care less what she does or who?

  8. this is disgusting,people in California are expected to support this woman with our taxes. How is supporting someone who abused fertilization drugs (after already having 6 children she could obviously not support) any different than funding a group of drug addicts medical bills and clean needle fund while they continue using? This is what our economy has come too, supporting selfish irresponsible people via welfare. Its nice to know that the social security money I work for and am never going to see, is going to the 13th and 14th children of a mother who doesn’t even work. She was feeding the first few by splitting food stamps equivalent to $4-5.

  9. Justme, how did you find out what her house looks like, how she got plastic surgery, and food stamps? Also, why the 13th and 14th child going to get SS? Are they disabled like three of the first six? I’m dying to know how you found that out, too.

  10. I, too, find myself still wanting to know what’s happening with the Octuplets story, because why is it that all of us can see that social services needs to step in an do something, but so far nothing. Or. my hope is that they are working behind the scenes, out of the media glare, to secure foster homes for these children. Though then, I suppose that opens a whole other circus when we find out the back stories on the people who take them in. This siutation is just awful, and her doctor–where is he anyway–should be stripped of his license.

  11. I am writing on behalf of Nadya Suleman, and hoping that people will realize children are a blessing, the way in which Suleman went about having the children is questionable, but she was determined to keep all of the embroys. People are fascinated with this story as it is a freak of nature. She is the first person to successfuly carry 8 babies to live. It is truly amazing. Is it correct? I can’t answer that, people are all different, and have different takes on things like this. There are people everyday, that decide to have a child and now they will be raising it alone. Men at times don’t want to be bothered with the fathering of the child, how many people have gone on The Maury Povich Show and claimed they don’t know who the father is, thank-goodness they know who the mother is? It is ridiculous to think, they are going to make Suleman the poster child for having children with out having a father. Even though the hinge to this one is complicated, and that is where the media is a double edge sword. It revolves on giving exposure, but at the same time, certain vital points of could be more harmful than good. She absoulutely nees a reality t.v. show to pick her up, and first give her a revolving door of supporters and volunteers who could somehow link into other issues surrounding community service. Networking with other people who are considering invitro fertilization, as she could be a intervention person, if she would. She needs Coperate America to donate formula, baby bottles, pacifiers, blankets, cribs, she will need a Professional Organizer to come in, and get her set up to help her unite boys/girls clothes, toys,accessorys, neccissitys all with in a moments reach. Until all this is in the works, the public is allready hooked in to this story. With all the other economic and bleak news, this story gives a foray of other types of problems. I think she truly didn’t consider that all these babies could survive, thankfully they did, but now she has to get to the next step and prove that she indeed does have support, and is ready to give 14 children the love and support they will need. People came out for all the other multiple births, now this is a curve ball, can the America make this a hit?

  12. Yes, this is what she wants. I am sick and tired if seeing her and hearing about her on everything. She is a media starved person and the fuel to the fire needs to be stopped.

  13. I hope she gets something done so she can’t reproduce anymore. She shouldn’t have the children at all, she has to be insane to have such a large family when she couldn’t even care for the first six. So now she appears to be a unattractive, lazy, cruel woman who is benefiting from her stupidity. The poor 14 kids will be deprived of a normal, healthy childhood.

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