Octomom TV Special Shows Chaotic, Heartbreaking Reality

The Octomom TV special shows a chaotic, heartbreaking reality.
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Eye on Octomom

Octomom TV Special Shows Chaotic, Heartbreaking Reality

Isn’t it time that someone does something for Nadya Suleman’s children?

-Julie Ryan Evans


Since the birth of Nadya Suleman’s octuplets in January, we have speculated about, sensed and seen signs that her 14 children are being raised in unhealthy environment. Last night’s FOX Special Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage confirmed every one of our fears and then some, and makes a clear case that someone needs to do something for the sake of those children.

If you missed it, the whole two hours can really be summed up in one word: chaos. There was crying, screaming, children running here and there, and one little boy hitting his mother, screaming “bitch” at her.

And all the while there was Nadya, always in makeup, always ready to pose for the camera in a different and clean outfit with her rehearsed prose about the life that she’s made for these children … while her children scream in the background.

Though she gained 138 pounds with the pregnancy, she has just 20 pounds left to lose. When asked if she would have a tummy tuck as did Kate Gosselin, she says with a straight, though eerily Angelina face, that plastic surgery is “cheating.”

“Some people are desperate for attention,” Suleman says. “Honestly, I’m not as attention seeking.”

If the above statement doesn’t provide clear evidence as to Nadya’s complete and utter detachment from reality … well, there’s also the fact that she believes her house is haunted and that she’s going to buy Bibles for every room to ward off the haunters.

“Anyway, I have a better shape,” (than Gosselin) she adds, and then goes on to trash the same tabloids to whom she sells her octo- soul stories. (And just in case you forgot, she is trademarking the Octomom name.)

She also says she lives in fear that her children will be snatched. “I catch myself living in fear to some degree … If a car starts to drive up the road, I’ll rush them into the house.”

The climax of the show comes with surprise footage of the actual birth of the octuplets, courtesy of the extremely obnoxious camerawoman Nadya hired to film the big event.

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0 thoughts on “Octomom TV Special Shows Chaotic, Heartbreaking Reality

  1. What a nightmare. Those poor babies — and her older children. This is just not manageable for one person — even a sane, together woman! ONE BABY is hard enough to take care of!

  2. OMG!!! Did I read that right?? Octo-gimme a Starbucks and a big house & nannies, etc etc said “”Some people are desperate for attention,” Suleman says. “Honestly, I’m not as attention seeking.”
    Excuse me, but what then does she call her actions???
    From the little I’ve tried to read about her and her “situation” yes, the kids are not being properly tended to. But as sad as I feel about/for them, there are thousands of other children who are living in even worse situations and places than the Octo’s are.
    If she truly believes she “screwed up her life and her children’s lives” all I can say is ain’t hindsight wondrous?? Of course, I don’t believe she meant a word of that. She (attention whore that she’s proven herself to be over & over again) was making statements to get herself even more attention.
    I still think, as I have all along that the quack that did the IVF should have his license permanently revoked, if it hasn’t already been, and there should definitely be far stricter controls put into effect to prevent anything like this ever, ever happening again.
    NeedCoffee said she felt guilty watching and not doing anything about it…and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, as I said there are many children who are in need, perhaps even locally. If you feel bad about children in general, donate food to local Feed America programme, clothes to organisations that provide them to area’s where poverty is rampant, or where natural disasters have occured, to local Children’s Homes, or to a Native American school or Reservation.
    Nadya Suleman is one squeaky wheel that I refuse to be bothered by. She chose to have those children, and I believe she did it only for the attention and rewards it would provide for her. A very wise man once said “the having is not as great as the wanting” and I think that statement fits this situation perfectly.

  3. SHAMEY SHAMEY ON ME. I just read this in my IVillage newsletter. Yes, it’s yet another non-attention wanting Nadya’s blah-blah quote. I won’t bore you with the entire article, but should you wish to read even more of her insane/inane babblings check this out:


    Does anyone besides me think that Nadya needs a SHRINK?

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