Octomom on Jon and Kate, Miley Cyrus, Naked Women, and More

Octomom discusses Jon and Kate, plus Miley Cyrus, naked woman, and more.

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Week in Review

Octomom on Jon and Kate, Miley Cyrus, Naked Women, and More

Mean Betty looks at the week in review

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Miley Cyrus, Cash Cow

Hmmmm … Miley Cyrus‘ expiration date must be nearing, as the feeding frenzy seems to be growing more and more … frenzied. The latest scheme to milk money from this little golden calf before her first crow’s foot appears: Why, Miley Cyrus, “designer” of course! And what better partner to the Miley Cyrus brand than good old Wal-Mart. The brilliant minds behind the Mega Mass All American chain is pairing Miley with silver-haired Max Azria – who obviously knows a good thing when he sees it.

Miley Cyrus and Max Azria

Match made in heaven! Celebrated, respected designer of Hervé Léger, BCBG and Max Azria fame and … ‘tween idol! Someone call Anna Wintour, quick!

The OctomomTM Calls the Kettle Black

Ha! Forgive, pets, [insert hysterical laughter here] Mean Betty can barely type with tears of laughter running down her perfectly made-up face. Mean Betty just read the funniest thing right here on BettyNadya Suleman, our dearest, darlingest OctomomTM, has some choice words of reproach for none other than the very people who inspired her own brilliant meal-ticket scheme: Jon and Kate! Oh, too rich!

Nadya Suleman and Kate Gosselin

Nadya appeared with one or other of her babies (do you think she can tell them all apart?) to simultaneously CONFIRM that she had “signed something” for her own show (juicy details coming forthwith, Mean Betty is certain) … and to deem Jon and Kate “exploitative.” Well, dearie, you certainly have a point there. But what’s that little saying about glass houses? (Ohh – a glass house! That’s just what Nadya AND Jon and Kate should get – so much easier to air their dirty laundry and take advantage of their innocent children that way! Someone make a note.)

What’s that? Oh! OctomomTM‘s show is going to be HIGH ART … a real “documentary” … none of this invasive, exploitative “reality” stuff. Oh, OK, Mean Betty gets it. A thousand apologies!

[Insert more hysterical laughter here]

When In Doubt – Bring Out the Naked Women

Who says the publishing industry is in jeopardy? Those crafty media moguls know how to stay relevant and sell magazines!

Miranda Kerr

Rolling Stone kills two birds with one stone: Both managing to get around the fact that “green” is the OLD black (or haven’t you heard? Cheap is the new eco) and boost sales with their nude “Eco Warrier.” Because nothing says save-the-earth like a naked, airbrushed starlet chained to a tree!

Bar Refaeli

And Esquire puts the excitement back in reading (hey kids!) with Bar Rafaeli “wearing” only scrawled excerpts from a Stephen King story.

Life is Full of Little … Surprises

Everyone’s buzzing about Edie Falco‘s new show, Nurse Jackie. Mean Betty is sure it will be a veritable tour-de-force, but Mean Betty has to admit … the first time Mean Betty saw a giant promo poster for the show, Mean Betty’s exact thought was: “Is that Edie Falco playing a male nurse?”

Edie Falco

Hmm … Mean Betty might sleep with the fishes, but one does wonder if one of Tony’s made men would have preferred her that way …

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0 thoughts on “Octomom on Jon and Kate, Miley Cyrus, Naked Women, and More

  1. LOL — so hilarious that Octomom has harsh words for Kate Gosselin. They should both be sent to live on a desert island somewhere. Oh wait — they’d just make a reality show out of that too!

  2. miley is catering to the “people,” you know, those who can’t afford brand-name clothes so they have to shop at wal-mart … kinda like her pappy before he milked his precious litte honey pie for all she’s worth – dyfus, anyone? and as for octomom, she needs to drop off the face of the earth…pronto 😉

  3. No matter what, the truth will come out, Octomom is definitely going to be overwhelmed. Ron and Kate plus 8 have other demons, that being the rude part of Kate personality, and the childish aspects of Ron, how do you come out on national television and declare like it’s no big deal “that you are not involved in an affair”? With a 22 year old school aid, you are the father of 8 children that didn’t ask to be born, you married a dominering person, prouably thinking that it would help you. The kids are definitely getting a raw deal, not necissairly from TLC, but from 2 parents that are really showing the outer effects of being in over their heads.

  4. Carolyn88 … nope I just made that up in my own little head, unless Perez Hilton made it up first and I sublimely heard it through the grapevine. Let’s see how long it takes to get it to the late night circuit.

  5. noooooo!!! That cover of Esquire is exactly the picture I wanted to get!!! I’ve been planning it for a couple of years and I am sooooo angry now! Everyone will think I stole it! Gosh darn it, should’ve gotten it done last year!

  6. who would want to dress like miley?!? i love her dresses on the red carpet but the fugly stuff she wears in her downtime heck no! even my 9 year old niece says “ew” to the stuff she wears sometimes ahhahahaha!

  7. I cruise through the ‘net a lot with Stumble on Firefox, and I have to say I’ve never seen so much on nudity and sex in my life, from, yes, Betty Confidential to the sides of New York buildings. It’s like the Black Plague — everybody’s dropping their drawers as fast as they can, if they were wearing any to begin with. (Jeans wearers apparently don’t.) For a long, long time naked woman = sex has been the deal, but now more than ever. At least some of those billboards and building displays show couples. To me, couples = sex, unless you’re a solitary. I don’t understand it. When STDS are at an all-time high, so is visual sexuality. I’m tired of seeing naked women and seeing couples is as bad as peeking into someone’s bedroom while the bed’s in use, something most people don’t do. Are either going to make me lay out any money at all for any garment, not to mention jeans, primarily promoted by sexuality. Whoever made that Sprite pseudo-ad was perhaps making an unmeant statement — ENOUGH!

  8. I think the whole thing with Jon and Kate is just SAD. Its the kids who are HURTING. And its the Kids who will be forever sad because of this. And until the PEOPLE get bored with it, Those poor babys will keep being put through hell. And for that Goof Ball, Octo what ever. She should be ashamed of her self, for even making such a stupid comment. What a strange person she is… I swear they need to stick her in a Rubber room and lose the key, It might be better for all them Babys…. I just pray that sometime they all stop. And see what it is doing to there CHILDREN. and see how truly WRONG it is.
    Patty Mosso – Pgh PA

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