Octomom's Reality Show

Octomom's Reality Show: Is it really such a bad thing?

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Octomom’s Reality Show

Is it really so bad?

-April Daniels Hussar

Nadya SulemanWell, it has come to pass. We all sneered and joked that it was inevitable, and now we all get to be right. Nadya Suleman has signed her kids up for a reality show.

BUT, before we get our collective panties in a twist – just consider this … might it actually not be a bad thing? Might it be best after all if someone is allowed to keep an eye on the Octo-brood, even if that someone is a creepy Big Brother-esque reality TV crew and their fascinated audience? Let’s face it – the octo-kids are going to be at the center of a freak show reality circus no matter what – they’re pretty much F-ed in terms of any kind of normal upbringing. How much hope can there be when your mom seems to have Radaronline.com on her speed dial? So … maybe it’s better then that the children make an income (a pretty penny, actually) and have professionals crafting the images they project, rather than leaving it up their mother, who clearly has no internal self-censoring capabilities.

Already, a California judge has appointed a financial guardian to oversee the children’s finances (a move which Suleman’s attorney tried to block). So great – at least someone will be keeping an eye on that money and making sure Suleman isn’t allowed to misuse it. Because it sure doesn’t look like Octomom is going through with her little plan to go back to school and support her family that way!

Presumably, there will be people “on-set” for the sole purpose of looking out for the children’s welfare. That’s why we have these nice little things called child labor laws.

Who knows – maybe Nadya Suleman will surprise us all. Maybe she’ll turn out to be a sweet and giving mother, and her selflessness, patience and never-ending energy will radiate out from each and every episode, and we’ll all sigh with relief and say … boy, we sure were wrong about her! She may be a little wacky but she sure is a good mom!

Or … maybe not.

Either way – the more eyes on Nadya Suleman and her kids the better. Bring it on, Octomom. The world will be watching.

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0 thoughts on “Octomom's Reality Show

  1. It sounds like where Octomom is they have more stringent laws over things such as this involving children. I know that where Jon and Kate live (Pennsylvania), the laws do not even require a trust fund to be set up for the children. Either way, children’s private lives should not be broadcast for the whole world to see!

  2. Well, I am not sure that all moms of multibles WANT to parade their children on TV but if you have 8 or 14 children to feed, you need money to pay for it. It was easy to see what Suleman was up to however. If you already have 6 children, why would you even want 1 more? With Kate, she had 2 and I don’t think she thought she would end up with 6 more. Big difference. Plus Kate was married and happy at the time and she wasn’t living on welfare. I don’t think there is any comparison. Not standing up for Kate but the situations are from 2 extremes. And I will never personally watch the show and I hope it folds under quickly. You did make a good point however. I will let all the ones who can watch without gagging watch and then I can read about it here. She literally turns my stomach.

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