Interview Questions for the Octo-Nanny

Octomom Nadya Suleman is looking for a nanny

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Interview Questions for the Octo-Nanny

Number 1: Are you CRAZY?

-The Bettys

Octomom and candidateNadya Suleman is showing the first glimmer of common sense since she and her amazing belly-o-rubber splashed onto the national freak-show-scene: She’s (finally) accepted an offer of free, 24/7 child-care help from the non-profit organization Angels in Waiting. (And what, pray tell, WHAT were these angels waiting for? Dear Lord, please send us a crazy over-fertilized Angelina Jolie look-alike…)

While we’re thrilled for the children’s sake that there will be more than one mere mortal woman to look after all those helpless little souls, we can’t help but wonder what the interview process might be like as Octomom searches for the perfect Octonanny. Because, yes, Octomom has been holding interviews. And actual people have been applying. We know it’s a tough economy, but seriously – the first question put to these women should be … ARE YOU CRAZY?

Assuming the would-be Octonanny can satisfactorily answer that question, here’s a list of suggested follow-ups:

1. Could you line the kids up for the paparazzi?

2. Could you line the kids up so I am in the picture with my best side always facing the cameras?

3. Please describe your feelings about, say, being a reality TV star:

4. Would you be willing to don an Octonanny cape and go to battle with Super Nanny on Celebrity Death Match?

5. Have you ever watched the show Eight is Enough? Do you think the title is discriminatory? Explain….

6. Scenario #1: 2 children are fighting over a toy, 1 needs help with math homework, 3 are attempting to use the waffle maker, 4 babies are teething and crying, 2 babies need their diapers changed, 1 baby is about to crawl out the door, 1 baby is sleeping. Do you:

a) Run screaming down the street never to be seen again.
b) Call the triage unit from ER and hope George Clooney shows up.
c) Call Dr. Phil.

7. Scenario #2: 3 children are fighting over a toy, 2 need help with math homework, 1 is attempting to use the waffle maker, 3 babies are teething and crying, 4 babies need their diapers changed, 1 baby is about to crawl out the door, 0 babies are sleeping. Rinse and repeat. Do you:

a) Run screaming down the street never to be seen again.
b) Call the triage unit from ER and hope George Clooney shows up.
c) Call Dr. Phil.

8. Will you be able to dole out my meds as well during the care of my children?

9. Are you comfortable injecting lip filler while diapering?

And finally … the MOST important question:

10. Team Jolie or Team Aniston?

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0 thoughts on “Interview Questions for the Octo-Nanny

  1. I don’t think one nanny will be enough. The state requirements for adult to child ratios for daycare providers that are strictly enforced.

    According to CA State childcare regulations,
    There shall be a ratio of one teacher to every four infants.
    An aide may be substituted for a teacher if there is a fully qualified teacher
    directly supervising no more than 12 infants.
    When in activities away from the center there shall be a minimum of one
    adult to every two infants.
    The director may be counted in the staff-infant ratio when actually working
    with infants.
    There shall be one staff visually observing no more than 12 sleeping infants,
    as long as additional staff are available at the center to meet the above
    ratios when necessary.
    That’s a lot of people…

  2. Might I not want to be anti-thesis to all the fun and insightfull nannisms, it could also help to know the older kids are in school. When not in school some other relative, grand-ma or grand-dad which are in the picture or other hopefull realtives will hopefully come to Nadya Sulemans rescue. I feel if Ron and Kate plus 8 is acceptable, then people should also see, that however this happened, there are 8 souls out there, that need to be cared for regardless of all the rhetoric. I don’t care what she did when she was 19, I don’t know or care about the dad, since he was a donor, he will evenutaully make a decision whether to belly up or just let it be. There has been a show allready on E-TV that had him on, or maybe it’s the father of the other 6 children. What a mystery, when you think about it, why would a women want all of these kids, with out a supporter, or someone to be by her side? Was she that far out of reach to not think about the further responsibility that it would take to make her family work. Being that she had the support of her mom and dad, which means alot, and she obviously took advantage, yes in the wrong way as well. She now has 8 babies, the last count I believe is 6 that are home. She has 2 more to go, right now, the babies will sleep and eat, and get diapered most of the time, but her real challenge is going to come when they start getting past the 3 month period. When they start unfolding, their personalitys become more sweet, but also are awake more, need more care, and hopefully Nadya has a plan B. She will easily need it, as the babies start the 6 month level, they will be rolling over, gone are the moments you could take your eyes off of them for a split second. I really feel for her, I don’t know what good it is to berate her judgement now, since the 8 babies are here and need to be cared for. She made it clear that she wanted to have these babies, and they are hers, but she will have to recruit teens, and the community should come in to help her, since she is in legitimate need of help. I would like to see people be more supportive of her, I would hope that people could look aside of her pecuilliaralitys, and just summise if it was a friend, this happened to. It did happen, there are at least a couple of families on the TLC net work, that have either big families, that obviously need the help of reality t.v. or otherwise they would be in serious finacial straights. I guess time will tell, how this will unfold. But I would not be so quick to forward all the dirt, and the not so funny nanny gate, calling CPS and filing a false report is also a felony. People that are mean, are also going to lose their beliveabilty, and will end up on the short end, if Nadya manages to pull it all together.

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