Octuplet Mom Tries to Explain Herself to Ann Curry

Nadya Suleman, mother of the octuplets, defends her choices

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Octuplet Mom Tries to Explain Herself

She holds the babies for 45 whole minutes each!

-Mean Betty

Nadya Suleman Today ShowWhat did Mean Betty tell you, my dears? Though it seemed impossible, she KNEW that the octuplet story would get even more bizarre. Now Mama Nadya has bequeathed the gift of her first interview to Ann Curry of the Today show (whatsamatter, didn’t she like Katie Couric’s new hairstyle?), and it’s all Mean Betty could do to keep from spitting her latte out at the screen.

A few choice nuggets from the interview …

“I know I’ll be able to afford them when I’m done with my schooling.”

Um … ok … how about right now? Oh – wait – you have all this publicity money. Great. Not to worry then.

She used the same fertility specialist for all her pregnancies.

So, yes, this “specialist” knew she already had six little ones at home. And yes, said specialist is crazy and should have his license taken away. Like, NOW.

“A lot of couples undergo this procedure – and it’s not as controversial because they’re couples.”

Now, Mean Betty is not going to get into a debate about the pros and cons of single motherhood by choice – we’ll leave that to Ann Coulter – but honestly, sweetie, of course it’s more controversial because you are a single mom with six kids already who need you and no visible means of support!

“Sometimes we have that dream and that passion and we take risks … and I did, and it turned out perfectly”

Mean Betty is speechless.

She holds them each for 45 minutes a day.

Be careful, now, that they don’t get spoiled.

And really the kicker to this whole thing – she basically explains her obsession with having children on her “dysfunctional” childhood:

“That was always a dream of mine, to have a large family, a huge family, and I just longed for certain connections and attachments with another person that I really lacked, I believe, growing up,” she replied.

“Describe what you felt you lacked within,” Curry said.

“Feeling of self and identity,” Suleman, 33, replied. “I didn’t feel as though, when I was a child, I had much control of my environment. I felt powerless. And that gave me a sense of predictability. Reflecting back on my childhood, I know it wasn’t functional. It was pretty dysfunctional, and whose isn’t?

Clearly, the thing to do if you had a crappy childhood is to go out and create a 14-kid fountain of unconditional love for yourself.

Sigh. Mean Betty told you – she can’t tear her eyes away from this spectacle. For now, it seems like all the babies are doing well, which, of course, is a wondrous miracle of modern medicine.

A final thought – who do you think is the specialist who did her nose and her lips? Just asking.

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0 thoughts on “Octuplet Mom Tries to Explain Herself to Ann Curry

  1. This is ridiculous. She’s taking NO responsibility for her actions. You do not have a RIGHT to have 14 children. I fully support a person’s efforts in doing what they feel necessary when it comes to having a baby they want but this does is NOT part of that conversation. This woman is not stable and should have had someone intervene on her behalf to assist in the decision making here as she seems incapable. The doctors are culpable. If you are going to play God, you need to be more responsible. Society’s baby lust needs a rest.

  2. Oh dear, Mean Betty. I fear I am meaner than you. Regarding your post’s conclusion: A final thought – who do you think is the specialist who did her nose and her lips? Just asking.

    Here I am, just answer. I think she is a cheap Halloween imitation of Angelina. Her hair is similar yet thicker, the lips are obviously enhanced yet disproportionate (which seems to match her mental health status), her bling is her babies’ identification bracelets from the hospital right now until she gets the opportunity to have their information tattooed on herself, they eyes are large and blank which is exactly like Mrs. Pitt.

    Now lets talk about her babies daddy. Same sperm doner for all of them. Nice touch. But did he ever touch her for realz? They met in a mental institution where they were both residing.

    I’ll stop now but you know where to find me if you want to dish some more about this.

  3. “14-kid fountain of unconditional love”?!? you crazy? I have one kid and I can already see the day when she will hate me with a passion brighter than the sun.. That women has bred an army of children that will be forged on dysfunctional childhood. And I will have to pay for it with welfare handouts to her.

  4. She should have saved the money she spent on her gigantic lips and skinny nose for the diapers and food that she is going to need . She is unstable and the docs are unethical for doing this. A responsible fertility doc would have only implanted a max of 3 embryos, and frozen the rest. She could have had her children in phases if she wanted a million kids so badly. Why all at once. Sad to say, but I think she did it for publicity, thinking that she would be offered money for her interviews and such. Very sad for the kids to have such a selfish mother.

  5. Mean Betty —
    You are on the right path but did not go far enough —

    Both Today Show contributing doctors made the point that her behavior was “compulsive” and that she needed psychological help not children!

    Yes, there should be action taken against the doctors who allowed this to happen but now that it has happened and we taxpayers are going to pay for it —

    Some benefactor (what about Angelina and Brad)or the State should step in before all the children grow up to be equally disfunctional and have 14 kids of their own!!!!

    Seriously, adoption or foster care would give these kids a better shot (i.e. including the previous 6)

  6. You go Betty, we are in a recession and this bimbo is going to take it down further, it is us who will have to pay for this catastrophy. What in the world is wrong with these doctor’s? Who is going to watch these children when she goes to school?Is she taking all 14 to school with her? I think not, again the taxpayers are going to foot the bill, if we are going to pay anything, maybe we should cover some psych evaluation.

  7. When did children lose the right to a big, crazy family? She may be a little (OK, a Lot) strange, but she has every right to do what she wants with her family. There is a television show about a couple who has 17 children, and she wants more! Suleman is right when she says no one would have a problem with it were she not single. As for supporting her brood, the woman appears to be quite intelligent. I am sure she will continue to sell her story, and is this any more immoral than the many families whose lives are the subject of reality TV? I am, of course, the devil’s advocate here. I raised 2 as a single mom, and that was quite enough for me! But that’s me, and I would not like to step on any one else’s right to a family of their choosing. Who knows, she might be a phenomenal mom, and one of those kids might grow up to cure cancer.

  8. All I know is that she and the Natalie chick who is selling her virginity on the internet are the smartest entrepreneurs in the entire world — who woulda thunk people could get rich off their vaginas like this!!!!

  9. I think it’s interesting how her (Ann Curry interview) and her father (Oprah interview) claim they will take all financial responsibility for Nadya’s children including the latest 8 additions to their family yet after a recorded Dr. Phil show Dr. Phil mentions that Ms. Nadya phoned in just before the airing in a panic because the hospital was requiring a couple pages of Standard of Care for her to meet before 3 of her babies were released and she wanted Dr. Phil to let viewers know of her web site where she will receive donations. It would serve her right to have all 8 of those babies put into foster care and even though the state would be financing their care at least the innocent children will be cared for. She is obviously disturbed and their quality of life is going to be questionable.

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