Octuplets Mom: It Gets Even Worse

Nadya Sulemon may be at risk of homelessness and she hasn't had sex in eight years

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Octuplets Mom: It Gets Even Worse

House in default, no sex in 8 years …

-April Daniels Hussar

Mean Betty declined to comment further on the Octuplet mom … but we thought you’d still like to know the latest news about Nadya Suleman and her 14 children.

According to the Associated Press, the home of the octuplet’s grandmother Angela Suleman – which is the home, of course, of Nadya and her brood – is in default and at risk of foreclosure.

The default notice shows Angela Suleman is $23,225 behind in her mortgage payments and that the house could be sold at auction beginning May 5,” reports the AP.

There’s no word yet on how much – if any – money Nadya has collected through her website, but it seems not out of the realm of possibility that Nadya could find herself homeless.

Of course, it’s also not out of the realm of possibility that she could find herself a millionaire. The media (including us) is obsessed with her — the question remains, can she turn that obsession into a pot of gold?

We hear reports that TLC is most definitely NOT interested in a reality show with the Suleman clan. NBC maintains they did not pay for their exclusive sit-down — “NBC News does not and will not pay for interviews,” said Today spokeswoman Megan Kopf. “This interview is no exception. Any reports or so-called sources that suggest otherwise are totally wrong.” But that doesn’t mean other outlets won’t pony up.

To add to the bizarre-o circus quality of the story, Nadya decided to confess recently that she hasn’t had sex in eight years, and doesn’t plan on having a boyfriend for another 18, because that would be “selfish.”

In her first UK interview (did they pay??), Nadya opened up to London’s Sun Times about her “personal” life:

[S]he met her sperm donor, David Solomon, in a nightclub and went to the movies with him once before deciding she didn’t want him as a boyfriend but for him to give her children.

Since then, she says, he has fathered ALL 14 of the frozen embryos which became her kids. But the two now talk just once a year, and he never sees his offspring.

I can only IMAGINE what David Solomon thinks of all this. Who is he? WHERE is he?

Of course – as Nadya is learning, there is a price to pay for becoming the reality-freak du jour. As she told the Sun: “There were letters and emails saying we deserved to die. There were protesters in front of my house. There are mentally disturbed people in the world.”

Yes, there certainly are.

Nadya tried to make a simple visit with a few of her older children to Target yesterday and was besieged by reporters. Extra reports Nadya says the publicity is a “nightmare.”

It may be a nightmare, but it seems like it’s her only meal ticket at this point.

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0 thoughts on “Octuplets Mom: It Gets Even Worse

  1. Laughed out loud at this line:

    “There are mentally disturbed people in the world.”

    Yes, there certainly are.

    And of course she doesn’t plan on having sex for 18 years. Who in their right mind who want to get involved emotionally OR physically with this nutcase? And I’m not a mean person at all, but I went there — SHE’S A NUTCASE!

  2. The whole logic that she tries to apply to this entire story is ridiculous– SHE made very specific, multiple-step decisions that led to her being a single, unemployed mom of 14 little human beings. SHE opted to star in a media parade (she hired a publicist, right??). And then she expects people to pony up their money to help support her and her family? I’m sorry, this was not a situation where by the graces of a higher being she found herself pushing 14 babies out her hoo-haa. Was there any point in the process when she thought to herself, “Can I really provide for a large family right now?”

    Add to it, she expresses shock that she gets mobbed on a trip to the store?? C’mon lady, you’ve made yourself the poster mom for inappropriate obstetrical intervention, and you’re surprised that people crowd you in public?

  3. #2 olympicgram6 on 2/19/2009–2:25pm
    Please, please someone take these children away from this nut case. I’m sure there are hundreds of couples who would love to adopt them (of course, not all of them to one family)

  4. She thought because she wasn’t going to have sex that she’s not selfish? What would you call having 8 other children on top of the 6 you have, that you can’t support w/3 of them being special needs children.

    She goes on national TV to tell her story and is upset about the publicity. Did she honestly think people were going to start feeling bad for her or suddenly want to come to her rescue? I don’t know what drugs this woman is on, but they are apparently pretty good. Maybe she can make some money by selling some of that. I think I could use some….

  5. If this woman made a million bucks off of this, I would be one of the billions of people infuriated. How dare she do this to the taxpayers and most importantly, to those kids? They need to be taken away and given to a family or families that can take care of them and give them the love and nurturing they need. This woman is so caught up in what she wants that those babies and the other 6 kids are just forgotten about. I also am just disgusted that this woman could have plastic surgery, have invitro a total of 7 times and yet get food stamps. why the heck did they let her do that instead of buying her own kids food? Why are the taxpayers responsible for her kids when she is out blowing money like that? I would love plastic surgery but could NEVER afford it because I have to go to the grocery store and write a check for a few hundred dollars at the very least 2 to 3 times a month. She was going to school and working towards being a psychiatrist but if the licensing board has any brains, they will realize she is the one that needs help. That is if she even attempts to try to finish her education instead of living off the rest of us the rest of her life.

  6. well in spite of the fact that she seems to need a bit of time on the couch, all of those people threatening her and others have even bigger issues.

    the lady has 14 kids. ridiculous threats are not going to help those children in any way.

    people seem to be a bit confused about what is really at stake here.

    this lady needs real serious help in more than one way and i say that without all the sarcasm and mess that other people have shown the situation.

  7. The sad thing is she gets so much attention/press because we all read about it and watch it… No-one can change what she has already done– I just hope the children come out of all of this alright. That is really what matters.

  8. Apparently, there is talk of a Reality TV Show —

    I assume the State of California will try to collect the $1.3M in medical bills the taxpayer is covering before Occto-Mom gets a dime —

    Where are Angelina and Brad when we really need them?

  9. I understand that Angels In Waiting have offered to help her without any strings attached and I hope she goes for it. She will be able to live with all of the children and they won’t have to worry about being separated into different homes courtesy of foster care. AIW can provide care for the new 8 as well as the previous 6. She would be crazy not to take the deal. She can still get her endorsements and provide for their living and possibly pay the state back for everything the taxpayers are out.

    I can’t imagine the dollars this mother must have paid out on fertility/IV treatments but it was ultimately her choice. I would never even think of such a thing, but as she is post-op with a c-section, the stress must be overwhelming to her. Yes now she is in the public eye forever and a papparazzi field day but I think they should have some consideration of her condition.

    As far as the father, I think he sees dollar signs. Yes, he could be sincere, but he knew he possibly had fathered the previous ones and never offered one dime of child support. Now that this lady may be cashing in, he may see dollar signs. Forget the fact that the state may come after him for child support, it may be worth it to him to get shared (or full) custody of all the kids. Who cares if she lied to get the sperm? (He is acting so outraged because of this lie) But the bottom line is that he knew he possibly had kiddos and offered not one penny to help out. Whatever agreement they signed was not done legally so he may be liable for all the back support and future care of the babies. I would really like to see where he will weigh in legally and morally in the equation.

    I hope the stupid death threats stop as the kids are innocent but people can be evil. Someone burned down the home the Ray Brothers who were hemophiliacs with HIV and someone shot a bullet through the home of AIDS poster boy Ryan White, also a hemophiliac so people can be and are cruel. I think she and her family need protection (body guards/security system) and maybe one day she can get the psychological help she needs when all the hoopla dies down. The Chukwu family seems to have handled their children just fine and without any million dollar or TV offers.

  10. Yes, this woman is completely infuriating, even her lips make me angry.
    But the bottom line is now there are all these kids and it isn’t their fault their mama is a nut.
    I’m just concerned about the kids.

  11. Hey, maybe she’s home-schooling herself!

    What’s wrong with sarcasm? This is one of the stupidest things anyone has ever done and one of the most potentially injurious toward all the children, so it’s a blend of the absurd and the dangerous. How can one help being sarcastic for anyone knowingly doing as this woman has done.

    The crying must be horrible! And as for the…. stench!

    Unless she’s smart with ulterior motives that remain undisclosed, she’ll never finish “school.” I’d like to know if she even has a GED?

    I’d like to know why the authorities haven’t shut her down? Or the doctor. And I’d like to know what the living arrangements are? Maybe you can have a three-dog-night, but you can’t have eight-baby one Let’s hope the publicist got a little far out in left field and this isn’t as bad as it sounds, but somehow I believe the whole thing.

    Unless this was a home birth, the hospital was remiss in not putting her on a 72-hour psychiatric hold by the time the babies were enough days old to go home, and she should have been thoroughly examined by the psych faculty at the hospital.

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