Octuplets: First Look at the Babies

Nadya Suleman's mother calls her daughter's decision to have eight children "unconscionable"

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First Look at the Octuplets

Mother calls her daughter’s decision to have eight children “unconscionable”

-The Betty Editors

Let the ogling of the octuplets begin.

This morning the Today show aired video giving us a glimpse inside the NICU — 80 fingers and 80 toes of the famous bunch of babes born to single mother, Nadya Suleman, 33, just two weeks ago.

While the babies are adorable (as babies are) and reportedly doing quite well, the array of incubators, tubes and wires attached to their tiny, delicate bodies are a stark reminder of the risks associated with the very controversial decision to deliver these children. Suleman’s own mother, Angela Suleman, called her daughter’s decision “unconscionable.”

Octuplets house

And we can’t help but agree … especially looking at the photos (like this one above) from inside the Suleman house posted by Radaronline.com  which shows a crowded, chaotic and anything but clean environment with just the six siblings at home. Just where and how are eight more children going to live, much less thrive, in such an environment?

“She already has six beautiful children, why would she do this?” Angela Suleman told RadarOnline.com in a video interview. “I’m struggling to look after her six. We had to put in bunk beds, feed them in shifts and there’s children’s clothing piled all over the house.

But for all we want to criticize the decision Nadya Suleman made to bring these babies into the world, they are here now. Hopefully, some of this publicity and attention she so badly wanted will bring in some of the assistance these beautiful little beings are going to need.

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0 thoughts on “Octuplets: First Look at the Babies

  1. I almost can not bear to watch any more videos or read anything else about this — look at those poor little tiny sweet things! It’s heartbreaking — she keeps saying how she wishes she could “be there all day…” She SHOULD be there all day! But then those kids back at home … what a nightmare. And now the grandmother is speaking out against her daughter … it’s just unbelievable, really. Jerry Springer could not dream this up.

  2. Why are so many so angry and dismayed over this? I just hope there’s someone out there with inestimable wealth who’s as angry as I am about the reaction. They can certainly quiet the money complaints.

    The only difference between her and other women who have 10 or more children is money and a husband. A husband is not necessary. I’ve raised a child by myself. I’m sure many women have. I don’t know if it was harder. I have nothing to compare it to, but it wasn’t that hard. It was no harder than the trials that accost us all in daily life. It was definitely doable, and not that much of a sacrifice. I don’t get it.

    Angela appears to be an intelligent, moral person, not to mention fearless. Not many could stand up to such a critical interview without even a trace of anger at all the objections raised by those who have not a damned thing to do with it.

    We should be heralding her as one of the last bastions of true motherhood. A women that lives for nothing else but children. There’s sure not many of those left, and there’ll be far fewer in the future.

    It’s only the hypocracy of this society that says a woman can do anything she wants except have too many children with too little money. What a crock!

  3. I just can’t believe this story. The fact that this woman would even dare to have more children when she already has 6 she can’t afford is, in my opinion, completely unacceptable. It’s us and our hard earned tax $ that will be paying for those babies.

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