Oh Mama!: Nutritious Treats for Expectant Mothers

This article is about the new nutrition product for expectant mothers.

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Oh Mama!

A yummy and nutritious treat for moms and moms-to-be

-Julie Ryan Evans

Oh Mama! Nutrition barsTrying to find something to eat when you’re pregnant is not as easy it sounds. I always thought it would be the time in my life where I would eat without worry and consume heaps of otherwise off-limits foods like brimming bowls of creamy pastas, towering club sandwiches and ice cream cones at every whim.

The reality: not even close. First of all, nothing sounds good … well, except my obsession with Chipotle. It’s a long arduous process to think of something that won’t make me gag, but still is relatively nutritious. Not to mention the plethora of foods that are off limits for pregnant women-forget those club sandwiches (no deli meat and most bacon has nitrates, which are another no no); and as for ice cream, you’re not allowed to have my favorite-the soft-serve kind – because of the threat of listeria. Do you have any clue how many milkshakes that rules out? And of course, then you want to make sure you’re providing adequate nutrition for your growing bean-read: just because French fries don’t pose any dangers, doesn’t mean they’re OK every day!

So I was thrilled to discover the Oh Mama! all-natural nutrition bars. Specifically designed for women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant or are breast feeding. First of all, they taste really good – the chocolate peanut butter ones are a great substitute for the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that seem to be constantly calling my name (Julie! Julie!). And they’re really good for you and your baby. They include more than 100 mg of important DHA (critical for brain, eye, and central nervous development and function) as well as 14 other important vitamins and minerals. Finally, there’s the convenience factor – just throw them in your purse, and you can always quell your hunger pains, which I’ve found can come on at that most random times.

So if you’re a mama or mama-to-be, do yourself and your baby a favor and try these out. And you can always have a few French fries too.

For a list of stores where you can find the bars or to order online, click here.

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