Oprah Endorses a New Cause

The Queen of Talk's crusade of the moment: stop texting and driving.

Oprah Endorses a New Cause

The Queen of Talk’s crusade of the moment: stop texting and driving.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is known for blessing everything from cooks to books with her magic touch, but her new favorite thing is a crusade to end texting and driving. The Big O even wrote an op-ed in the Sunday edition of The New York Times to spread the word.

“All we have to do is hang up or switch off. It really is that simple,” Oprah writes. “Once we do that, not another son or daughter will have to die because someone was on the phone and behind the wheel—and just not paying attention.”

Oprah recounts the story of a young girl who was killed by a distracted driver just moments from her home. She goes on to say that her company has banned employees from using their phones to do work or make calls for the company while driving.

“So starting from the moment you finish this article, and in the days, weeks and years that follow, give it up,” Oprah urges. “And to those who feel like this is asking too much, think about your own child just 15 pedals from your front door. Struck down.”

What do you think of Oprah’s new cause? (The New York Times via Newser)

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  1. Definitely a worthy cause for O to get behind!! (It’s bad enough trying to navigate around people on the sidewalk who are talking or texting…this stuff has NO business being done while driving!)

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