Orphan's Isabelle Fuhrman on Being a Very Bad Girl

Betty Interviews Orphan Star Isabelle Fuhrman
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Orphan’s Isabelle Fuhrman on Playing a Very Bad Girl

She’s really not scary off the screen!

-Stephanie Elliot

The frightening new Warner Bros.’ movie Orphan introduces us to Esther, a seemingly angelic adopted child who turns out to be demonic. In the week since its release it has stirred up plenty of publicity – from horror fans who rave about it to adoption organizations who are outraged. At the center of it all is 12-year-old actress Isabelle Fuhrman who plays Esther.

Betty caught up with Isabelle to ask her what it’s like to play such a bad girl and more.

Did playing a bad girl make you act like a bad girl at home while you were filming?

Fuhrman: Not at all! When I’d come home from the set I would paint, sculpt, watch mindless TV or read a book. I could dip in and out of character easily.

What did you think watching yourself on the big screen?

Fuhrman: It was really cool to see myself on the big screen. It was so different! But I didn’t really see it as myself; I watched the movie just like others in the theater; laughing at the funny parts and feeling scared at the scary parts.

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0 thoughts on “Orphan's Isabelle Fuhrman on Being a Very Bad Girl

  1. Isabelle Fuhrman will remain an evil little kid, until she does a movie that casts her in a completely different role.

    Remember Daveigh Chase? She played Samara in The Ring. That little girl still gives me nightmares!

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