81st Oscar Night Hits and Misses

Oscar Night Hits and Misses - From hot Hugh Jackman Heath Ledger's family


Oscar Night Hits and Misses

From hot Hugh Jackman to Heath Ledger’s family

-The Betty Editors

Beyonce Hugh Jackman

Despite promises of “trimming” down, the show was STILL an hour too long … but overall we Bettys thought it was a great night of Hollywood entertainment. 

Our picks for best and worst moments:

HIT – Hugh Jackman
Great job — he’s a real entertainer. What a refreshing break from snarky, hipper than thou hosts. We love the whole direction they took the show in — very old-school Hollywood with performers working hard to put on a fantastic show. Oscar became the star again! Bonus: Hugh’s sexy Australian accent.

Best Actor winner Sean Penn not thanking his wife, who was sitting right there in the front row, crying happiness for him. Uh … hello???

Seth Rogen and James Falco’s stoner sketch. Dude, like, The Reader is soooo hilarious. Please … no more Seth Rogen.

Penelope Cruz’s speech: “This ceremony was a moment of unity for the world because art, in any form, is and has been and will always be our universal language and we should do everything we can, everything we can, to protect its survival.”

Heath Ledger’s beautiful family. So sweet, dignified, and heartfelt. They managed not to cry (though we didn’t), and to focus on the celebration of Heath’s accomplishment. It was sweet to see the faces of those in the crowd — there were very few dry eyes.

“This award tonight would have humbly validated Heath’s quiet determination to be truly accepted by you all here, his peers within an industry he so loved.
– Heath Ledger’s father, Kim.

Daniel Craig Sarah Jessica Parker

Did Sarah Jessica Parker’s Daniel Craig doll not come with his own personality? SJP’s gorgeous belted princess party dress and ample boobs (did she get a you-know-what job??) stole the moment during their presentation of best art direction … guess that’s fitting.

Dustin Lance Black’s acceptance speech for winning best original screenplay. Yet another tear-jerking moment of sincere emotion and appreciation.

How they kept cutting to Angelina and Brad during Jennifer Aniston’s time on stage. Oh we lovs a good reminder of our favorite gossip gift that keeps on giving. Other than that, Jen  and Jack Black were rather boring … they do not make a good team.

The Hugh Jackman-Beyonce-Zac-Efron-Vanessa-Hudgens-Mama-Mia-people musical top-hat number. Glitz! Glam! Talent! Loved it!

Sophia Loren. We were split on Sophia! April says: “She’s 80 million years old and totally fabulous!” But other Bettys agreed with the New York Post’s assessment that she looked rusted. All agreed her dress was hideous.

Tina Fey and Steve Martin as presenters. What a match made in comedy heaven! Tina looked great in her sparkly gown and they were both on top of their funny game. A great tribute / reminder of the importance of WRITERS (ahem!).

Phillip Petit — the subject of winning documentary Man on a Wire — performing impromptu magic and balancing acts onstage.

Kate Winslet Oscars

Kate Winslet being welcomed into the pantheon of Oscar Winning actresses — at last! And her father’s whistle from the crowd … so fun and sweet.

In sum — we love the Oscars again!

Of course, our L.A. correspondent Carrie Seim was there as we streamed live video from the Oscars right to Betty — click here to check out some of the hilarious interviewing she did from the famous Night of 100 Stars Gala.

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