Oxytocin: The Cuddle Drug

Buy oxytocin by the bottle and cuddle like crazy!


The Cuddle Drug

Oxytocin by the bottle?

-Judy McGuire

happy couple in bedOxytocin is a bonding hormone emitted from the hypothalamus during orgasm and, oddly enough, during childbirth. This explains why new mothers love, rather than loathe, the little squealing ball of flesh who caused them so much pain during labor. It’s also the reason we ladies fall in love with bad men who are good in bed.  While both genders release oxytocin during orgasm, women’s systems are flooded with the stuff while men get maybe a drop or two. Figures.

So wasn’t I excited to learn that I could now purchase oxytocin by the bottle! I called the manufacturer, HBC Protocols to find out more. I spoke with Chris McMullen, founder and CEO.

Tell me about oxytocin.

Physically, oxytocin emits from the hypothalmus and acts as a neurotransmitter, helping trigger vaginal contractions during both childbirth and orgasm. The pathway of oxytocin is that it induces trust and feelings of love. It mitigates the power of the amygdala. That’s where we harbor the cynicisms of life and makes us hyper vigilant. The oxytocin dials this down. Psychologically, it is crucial for processing social information; for instance when a person reads emotions on another human face.

So tell me this, Chris – why do women emit so much more oxytocin than men? That hardly seems fair.

Testosterone is anti-oxytocin, as is cortisol. Estrogen is pro-oxytocin. That’s why women are better than men. Women don’t start wars. It’s the way you’re wired as opposed to the way we’re wired. You attack a problem from all four corners of your brain. You’re wired like T-3 lines whereas men are on a dial-up system.

So is oxytocin overdose the reason I fell for so many horrible men who were great in the sack?

By raising your social recognition skills, it can prevent you from being involved with unsuitable men. You’re more trusting, but not stupid. It raises your emotional intelligence.

What if I wanted, say, Steve Buscemi to fall in love with me. Could I give him a squirt?

It’s not going to make two people who are not in love, fall in love. This isn’t something you’re going to sneak up on someone and give it to them when they’re not looking. Take it yourself. When you’re more tuned into the people around you, whether they’re a lover or friend or someone on the street.

So if it can’t make Steve Buscemi ditch his wife and fall madly in love with me, what good is it?!?

Life is tough these days. Tougher than ever before and here’s a little something that can help two people who are in love sustain that love because they can trust each other. The best way to get trust is to give it.

How do you take it?

You don’t just take a spray of it. Consistency is key. You take it once a day – about four sprays under the tongue. We had all got insomnia the first time we did it, because it’s also stimulating. You want to find a nice dose that works for you.

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  1. The point seems to be that women trust the wrong men. We probably need anti-oxytocin and better information on how to be socially-skillful.
    Life would be better if if I had not trusted my husband!

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