The Vice Presidential Debate

What the Bettys thought of the vice presidential debate

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What Did YOU Think about the Vice Presidential Debate?

Here’s what some of the Bettys thought

-The Bettys

Did you watch the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin? We did, and here’s what we thought:


Sarah Palin exceeded my expectations: her lack of proper grammar and her ability to forget what question was asked were phenomenal!

I was most struck by the fact that by the time she finished her answers, I’d forgotten what the question was. She seemed to not really answer the questions asked, but rather launch into a rehearsed speech on energy. Also, I’m a little worried that her dead-behind-the-eyes expression might mean that she’s a pod person. Okay, maybe a zombie (with lipstick).


I was honestly expecting a Palin disaster, but she actually held her own. After starting out so strong in this campaign, she’s been in a downward spiral ever since -blowing interviews left and right and becoming a weaker candidate by the day. BUT tonight, I was pleasantly surprised by her performance. She sounded strong and knowledgeable. While I don’t agree with all her policies or all of what she said, I was really glad to see her do reasonably well and not embarrass herself.

And honestly, the most annoying part of the whole night was Joe Biden’s extremely patronizing smile at her whenever she spoke – like he was watching a young child perform ballet at Thanksgiving dinner ( I will note, however, that he has a really great smile). But there’s no way he would have worn that expression had he been debating a man.


It was like watching a cougar maul a kitten. Wearing lipstick.

I was also obsessed with watching the CNN ticker of undecided Ohio voters. I was like a drug addict waiting for Joe Biden’s next high!


So nice that the one thing that all the candidates can agree on is to keep gay people as second-class citizens. Gay love isn’t as valid as heterosexuals’ love, apparently. Otherwise, Sara Palin’s Just Plain Folks TM way of speaking drives me nuts. It’s as insincere as her smile, doggonit. I hadn’t realized Mayberry was in Alaska.


The best part of the debate for me was getting to know Joseph Biden. He is so intelligent, so articulate, so obviously experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated. Yes, Sarah Palin “held her own” – but why does she get credit for that? She’s running for VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Of course she should be able to stand up on a national stage and field questions about everything from the economy to foreign policy to the energy crisis without breaking down, coming up blank, or whatever else people seem to have been hoping she’d do. Hello?

Interestingly, the patronizing, grinning Palin did a great job of just talking about whatever she wanted to talk about, and totally sidestepping many of the questions. For someone who’s only been “at this” for “like five weeks” sure, she held her own, but I’m no more impressed with her ability to lead than I was before the debate. And how ironic that she accuses Biden of playing the old “Washington game,” and praised herself for “talking straight” when for so much of the debate she sidestepped questions and took the opportunity to spew obviously memorized talking points (do you think she gets paid extra every time she spouts “maverick”?), complete with odd little smiles, winks, and “folksy” sayings. I can’t believe she actually used the phrases “bless their hearts” (when referring to oil company CEOs whom she claims she stood up to) and “doggone it” … do people actually talk like that? Even “up there” in Alaska?

I could go on and one (like pointing out that of course it’s important for both tickets to take a look at the disastrous mistakes of the Bush administration and identify how things will be different), but most of all, I want to know why she wasn’t asked about her views on creationism in schools and abortion – most importantly, her intentions (or lack thereof) regarding overturning Roe v. Wade should her ticket win in November. Hopefully we’ll never have to find out.

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