Pamela Anderson Tramps Up Fashion Week

Pamela Anderson at Fashion Week


Pamela Anderson Tramps Up Fashion Week

Object Runway

-Julie Ryan Evans

The night before the Dow sank to its lowest level in six years, Fashion Week in New York sank to what could arguably be its lowest level … EVER.

Pamela Anderson slutted strutted down the runway in Richie Rich’s show Wednesday night  in a beyond-skimpy, butt-bearing, gold swimsuit that wasn’t doing her much-bigger-than-Baywatch body any favors … and that’s being nice. See for yourself:

I believe the term “a hot mess” is the best description of her badly bleached blond hair, gaudy makeup and overall outrageous behavior. C’mon, if not at Fashion Week, where are the fashion police when we need them?!

But good taste aside, there will continue to be plenty of men who will still gawk at and drool over her almost-42-year-old body when it’s flaunted in their faces.  And they may not be able to help it …

A new study says that when men see scantily clad women, they depersonalize them and view them as objects. Apparently when they see a woman dressed like Anderson, the part of their brain that is sparked to take action lights up.

“This is just the first study which was focused on the idea that men of a certain age view sex as a highly desirable goal, and if you present them with a provocative woman, then that will tend to prime goal-related responses,” said Susan Fiske, professor of psychology at Princeton University, who presented the research this week.

Good thing straight men were likely in the minority at the show … who knows what could have come of all those “goal-related responses”!

The good news for Anderson is that one can only be a sex object as long one is sexy … and I’m thinking her days of being objectified are coming to an end.

Dr. Charles Raison, psychiatrist and director of the Mind/Body Institute at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, told CNN: “The suggestion might be that there’s some hard-wiring there that can interfere with the average man’s ability to interact on deeper levels with really hot looking stranger women in bikinis,” he said.

So that’s why poor Pamela has had so many relationship woes … the men just aren’t deep enough for her and her swimsuits.

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0 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson Tramps Up Fashion Week

  1. For a 41-year-old woman, she’s has a rockin’ bod! You’re totally right though – she’s most likely seen as a sex object to men, because that study makes SO much sense. However, she’s comfortable enough with herself and her sexuality to strut her stuff in a barely there bathing suit at 41! I must say, Go Pamela!

  2. You know what? SHe’s skanky. Did you see the close-up shot of her face? If that’s all she’s got going for her right now–that body–then that’s pretty pathetic. I would hate to be on my deathbed and have my children say, “Wow, at least my mom will be remembered by the world for having a really HOT bod.” I would much rather be remembered for being a kind, loving person who has done some good in the world, which maybe she has, but who can get past anything but her flaunting her body?

  3. i give her her props. and i watched her show a few times and i actually ended up liking her..we could hang…she seemed really cool.

    as for the study..whatever..these things make me laugh. cuz REALLY most men think of women as objects at one point or another.

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