Paula Abdul Admits Addiction to Pain Meds

The singer cops to a 12-year addiction--and sings on Idol

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Paula Abdul Admits Addiction to Pain Meds

The singer cops to a 12-year addiction–and sings on Idol

-Carrie Seim

American IdolIt was a straight-up Paula Abdul scandal trifecta yesterday. Apparently, Paula’s just here for the music. Or maybe the prescription painkillers. But definitely not the money.

First, the singer/ choreographer/American Idol judge/cartoon-cat-romancer made headlines by admitting her addiction to pain meds–which she’d previously and vehemently denied. File that under S for straight-up shocker!

The oft-perplexed Paula tells Ladies’ Home Journal that she’d been taking meds for more than a decade to handle pain from a variety of accidents, involving planes, stages, automobiles and, of course, cheerleading.

So like any normal, pharmaceutically aware American, she popped some pills. Or rather, she slapped on a patch–delivering pain meds about 80 times stronger than morphine, she says.

Which means technically, she wasn’t lying in 2005 when she told People magazine, “Drugs? I’m not addicted to pills of any kind.”
Give the woman credit for being crafty while high as a mega-morphine-kite.

Paula says she sobered up at California’s La Costa Resort and Spa last Thanksgiving: “I could have killed myself…. Withdrawal–it’s the worst thing,” she has said. “I was freezing cold, then sweating hot, then chattering and in so much pain, it was excruciating. But at my very core, I did not like existing the way I had been.”

This finally explains some of her more unhinged unusual TV appearances. Like this incoherent hot mess of an interview with a local FOX affiliate. Or this Idol critique of a contestant’s “second” song when he’d only actually sung one song.  Or this gem from her reality show, Hey Paula, where she seems to drift off while smelling new scents for her perfume line.

But Paula didn’t stop with just one breaking-news event. Oh, no–she’s forever our girl for a reason.

Next, the Los Angeles Times reported that Paula–whose Idol contract is up for renewal after this season–is getting paid waaaay less than snarky Simon Cowell. Like he gets $36 million a season and she gets, um… $2 million. But in Simon’s defense, he’s also a producer of the show. And can complete a sentence.

Paula has said she’s cold-hearted when it comes to contract negotiations for next season, according to the L.A. Times.
“I stay out of the negotiation area, and I let my people handle that because I have to stay focused on being an artist and doing what I do best. I love my job. And I’m having my best time ever this season. And you know what? As long as I’m having fun, loving what I’m doing, everything will work itself out.”

And it certainly did on Paula’s performance of her new single, “I’m Just Here for the Music,” on Idol last night.  Or it kind of did. Or she kind of lip-synced her way through it.

But whatever–she danced, she looked hot! What else can we ask of the lovely old Laker Girl?

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0 thoughts on “Paula Abdul Admits Addiction to Pain Meds

  1. It’s sad that she felt compelled to have to “come back”–she obviously doesn’t have it anymore. Sad that she’s trying to go backward instead og forward being a judge, etc., and maybe expanding on that and becoming known for something other than the former Lakers cheerleader thing. Yes, her performance was lame, but worse is that it now makes it hard to hear her critique th AI hopefuls when they perform better than she does.

  2. I really hope none of you ever have to take pain medication, because it is almost impossible NOT to become addicted in some way! I hate taking my prescription medications, and I’ve been on some of the medications Paula Abdul admits to taking due to a long term, permanent chronic pain issue. At one point, my prescription doses(given to me by my former physician), were so high, that I no longer felt any emotions, walked around in a fog and was, surprise! addicted(not in the “traditional” physical way, but my body craved higher and higher doses). I had never before this injury had any reason to take pain medication, never did drugs(legal or illegal) of any kind, and am not a big alcohol drinker. I could easily not take a dosage and be fine, but my body would rebel and go through withdrawal if I skipped too many. I finally had to get a new doctor and thanks to him and my own request, was weaned off to a point where I now take the most minimal amount that will keep the pain to a tolerable level. Trust and believe I am not a fan of Paula Abdul, but I do so understand what she’s been through in the past 12 years with those pills and patches. No one understands how easily they are addicting both physically and psychologically. As normal as I thought I was acting, my friends could see how messed up and unhappy I was. I gained 70 lbs. and stayed in a relationship way too long. Almost 3 years later, I’m still in a lot of pain, but I feel emotions and care about things again. I lost the weight and still live in fear of the pills I must take. So many people only think people who take illegal drugs or illegally bought prescription drugs as addicts, but there are millions of people in my situation, who are under a doctor’s care, and when the dose seems to not be doing its job, some doctors have no problem upping the strength, and telling patients “as long as it’s being taken for the proper reasons, you can’t get addicted”, NOT telling patients about the withdrawal symptoms that come when it’s time to wean them off, or that they may have to take these pills forever. I wouldn’t sneer at Paula’s or my story, because it can happen to anyone.

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