Perez Hilton Rakes In Millions

Perez Hilton has hit the jackpot thanks to his unconventional blogging.



One Rainbow-Bright Blogger Is Breaking the Bank

-Megan Southwick

Perez Hilton and Paris HiltonWhich celeb juicer delivers not-from-concentrate gossip with plenty of pulp – all while pulling down a paycheck of upwards of $19,710,000 a year?

Don’t worry – I’ve no desire to keep you in suspense like certain
do. No, the man behind the curtain in this blind item is none other than Betty perennial fave, Perez Hilton – that blogger of the oft-changing rainbow-colored hair, tailor-made suits and fierce loyalty to Scarlett Johansson.

Each morning, as I greedily consume his blog alongside my coffee and bagel (okay, sometimes donut) I think about my own life as a freelancer and blogger – and wonder just how much money he makes off of little wisps of celeb news and some photos – nearly always obscenely doctored by such high-quality programs as Microsoft Paint.

Though he started out with just a basic, free blog template that cost him nothing to maintain, and certainly made him no money, he can now demand $54,000 per day for an ad on his homepage. Per day! And that’s just ad revenue from the homepage – count in the thousands of other pages that make up his site, plus endless appearances, a reality show, a novel AND invites to coveted events like the White House Correspondent’s Association dinner – this guy’s pulp makes the best kind of paper.

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