Perfecting Matte Nude Lips

A woman seeks advice about how to perfect the matte nude lip look.

Beauty Queen

Matte Nude Lips

Dear Beauty Queen: I absolutely love love love matte nude lips! I try to achieve this just by applying foundation over my lips, but of course it wears off, and ends up looking weird sometimes. How can I perfect the look?

Beauty Queen: Beauty kudos to you for wanting to do this look the right way. It’s a tough one to pull off, but when done correctly, it can be quite stunning. Since I’ve never even attempted a nude, matte lip (I’m a light swipe of gloss kind of girl), I consulted Kevin Bennett, Director of Artist Relations for Make Up For Ever. Here’s his advice:

“For a simple, truly nude lip, try MAKE UP FOR EVER Concealer Pencil. It’s dual sided (with a different “flesh” color on each side), easy to apply and can be sharpened like a lip pencil to follow the shape of the lips. Apply one color all over your lips or blend the two to get the perfect ‘nude’ for your skin tone.

I also like using MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover concealer for an extremely long-lasting nude lip. It was designed for extreme coverage (tattoos, scars, etc.) so it packs a ton of pigment (it won’t break apart like foundation) and it’s waterproof. I apply it directly to well conditioned lips and finish with a layer of mattifying lip cream such as MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Lip balm. It gives lips a rich matte velvet look and still leaves them feeling smooth and comfortable.”

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