Personal Branding: Acing a Job Interview

Tips for landing a great job using your personal brand.

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Personal Branding

It may be the key to landing a job

-Kathy Sweeney, NCRW, CPRW, CEIC, CCM

name badgeThink about some of the top brands in the world: Coca-Cola, BMW, Volvo and Starbucks. They use branding principles to establish or maintain a presence in the marketplace. Each promises something uniquely appealing to its particular customers. Companies have a target market, and they know what is important to their audience.

The same marketing principles can be applied when searching for a job. More job seekers are beginning to understand the value of personal branding in their job-seeking efforts. The only difference from corporate branding is the product; the product is the job seeker.

The first step in the personal-branding process is to discover what unique talents and core values you bring to an employer. What specifically differentiates you from other candidates vying for the same position?

Follow these three steps to maximizing YOUR PERSONAL BRAND when interviewing:

1. As a job seeker, you should do an honest assessment of your strengths.
This self-analysis is vital, as is pursuing feedback from colleagues, friends and family members. How you view yourself might be quite different than the perception of other people. Listen with an open mind to the feedback, weighing it objectively, focusing on strengths and then making the necessary changes to overcome weaknesses.

2. Next, research the company’s core values, products or services offered, and the target market segment they serve.
This information can be found on most company websites in their press releases or “about us” sections. Once you have this information, you’ll be better able to determine what qualities or specific experience you possess that are a good match to a specific company.

Take this newly gathered information and formulate stories about SPECIFIC CONTRIBUTIONS you have made to your current and previous employers that can be used in the interview process. The best method for showcasing your unique promise of value is during an interview, where you can present specific examples of past performance to truly target the needs of the potential employer.

Today’s job market is competitive. Candidates can no longer utilize the “shotgun approach” in their job search. The job-search candidates who succeed in the interview process truly understand the value they bring to the table and know how to communicate it effectively.

Kathy Sweeney, NCRW, CPRW, CEIC, CCM is the president of The Write Resume, a global resume-writing, interview-coaching and career-consulting firm established in 1987. Sweeney holds designations as a Nationally Certified Resume Writer, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interview Consultant, and Credentialed Career Master. To contact her, call 866-726-9052 or visit her website at

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