Pic of the Day: Love or Hate Hilary Duff's Dress?

The actress attended Good Housekeeping's Shine On event ... and we can't decide how we feel about her dress.

Pic of the Day: Love or Hate Hilary Duff’s Dress?

The actress attended Good Housekeeping’s Shine On event … and we can’t decide how we feel about her dress.

-The Bettys

Hilary Duff

Here’s Hilary Duff at Good Housekeeping’s “Shine On” event (celebrating “125 Years of Women Making Their Mark!”) with host Brooke Shields, Candice Bergen, Cheryl Tiegs, Dorothy Hamill and other fabu ladies. Her hair and makeup are perfection, but what do you think of her dress? It’s … we … can’t… decide! Too much? Grecian-fabulous? Overwhelming? Gorgeous? Bad-fairy ballerina?

Here’s another angle …

Hilary Duff

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

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0 thoughts on “Pic of the Day: Love or Hate Hilary Duff's Dress?

  1. Dresses in Hollywood are always bizarre. Cannot for the life of me ever understand why very attractive women drop to a level of sleeze. You don’t have to show the assets, let the illusion of beauty do it for you.

  2. I really like it in the photo. It looks really fun, kinda dark fairytale like.

    Hard to say what it looks like in person – she seems kind of stiff, so if its too uncomfortable it wouldn’t be worth it. But I’m one of those comfort first ppl.

  3. Oh no! Ewww….It just looks like a few yards of tulle wrapped around around a sheath. Eww…Some people with an awful lot of money have so little class.

  4. The dress is cute, it’s obvious she’s not trying to show off her goods by wearing something under the dress, but those shoes look painful on her feet. High heels aren’t good for feet, and all women should rebel for comfortable shoes!

  5. I love this dress. It’s obviously not something I would wear, or anything I would expect to see in person, but I do like it on her. I may have tried different colors for underneath, since I can see how the nude could be shocking, but other than that I think she looks classic and very pretty.

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