Please Stop Calling Me Carrie!

No, it's not a compliment.
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Please Stop Calling Me Carrie!

No, it’s not a compliment.

-PJ Gach

Sarah Jessica Parker

Bazillions of years ago, when Sex and The City premiered on HBO, the nation became entranced with a TV show that celebrated good strong friendships between women who loved sex and were sassy dressers. Suddenly women were saying. “I’m Carrie,” “I’m Charlotte,” “You’re really Samantha, aren’t you?”

I wasn’t one of the gals who had to pigeonhole their friends. Oh, yes, I enjoyed the storylines and could relate to how hard it is to find a guy and a pair of cute shoes, but I really watched it for the hairstyles. When you’re born with unruly hair in a straight hair world, and you spot a celeb with hair like yours, you’ll watch anything they do to get styling tips.

As the show became more popular, my friends started calling me Carrie. When it first happened, I looked at them blankly and asked why. They said I was a writer (never mind at the time I was writing about rock, not relationships), I had curly hair (OK, that was true), I had a major shoe obsession (I still do), and to put it kindly by some friends, I dressed funny. And I made up strange nicknames about guys I dated. Some people who are very close to me know exactly why one particular guy was dubbed “Mouse Boy.” See, they’d say, you’re just like Carrie.

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Yeah, but no. For one, I wasn’t needlessly cruel to friends. Watch an old episode: When one of Carrie’s closest pals is upset, Carrie just has to say something nasty. It happens every time. She’s not a friend, she’s a frenemy. Oh, and she wants everyone to stop what they’re doing so she can complain. Me? You’re hurting, I listen. I don’t make fun of your despair…well, when you start bitching about it for the 39th time, then I will. I’m loyal, and if you’re hysterical at 3 a.m., you know you can call me up. Just give me chocolate later.

I tried to ignore my friends’ comparisons by saying thank you and changing the subject. I never thought I’d continue to hear it for almost 10 years–yes, 10 years, people! And the more involved I got in covering fashion and beauty, the more people called me Carrie. At one New York Fashion Week event, a p.r. person introduced me to her colleagues as “the real Carrie.”

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0 thoughts on “Please Stop Calling Me Carrie!

  1. I don’t think it would get to me too much, but I get it. Carrie is kind of awful, with terrible taste in men. Aiden was the one bright spot. Big is just awful

  2. It would make more sense if you wrote about your relationships.. then the similarities between you and Carrie Bradshaw would be too hard to ignore. But luckily, SJP’s character didn’t write about fashion – so you can always remind people of that!

  3. I’d take it as a compliment – do you remember how successful they made Carrie to be? Three books, photo shoots in Vogue, a very well-known name in her industry. If you’re on the same track as her, I’d say kudos! Embrace it!

  4. how about we call her ugly or better yet fugly! she is one of the top three ugliest actresses in hollywood and i am sick of hollywood and her sponsors treating her like she is this beauty (talking outside only – she may very well be a beauty inside). call me mean call me a hypocrite but don’t call her pretty! i know this article did not do that but i have been seeing a lot of her in commercials for products that usually only feature beautiful (on the outside) women.

  5. Ha Ha! This is a Frickin’ hysterical article! No worries… at least YOUR writing is funny so no comparison to Carrie on that one 😉 PJ Rocks!

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