Porn Rules All

this woman wonders if men who are engaged watch porn and if it is a normal practice



Porn Rules the Roost

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: Is it normal for a guy to watch porn while he is engaged? This man I know cannot watch a movie without getting an erection, even if the scene is hardly sexual. But if the woman he’s involved with flashes him he remains soft. Is this normal?

Steven: Not sure what you are asking. Many men watch porn. Not saying it is right, just saying what is sometimes so. If that has become an issue because it is preventing him from being intimate with you, you should discuss this, seek help and/or move on if things don’t change from your desires.

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0 thoughts on “Porn Rules All

  1. I think she’s asking is it normal for a guy to get hard by just seeing another woman in a sexual situation in a film, porn or not, when he doesn’t when she shows him herself. I think hers does, and she dislikes it (as do I) and wants to reassure herself that this is normal behavior for me, that he can’t help himself, so she can stop worruomg

  2. Personally, I get offended if my fiance, looks at porn. I find it disrespectful. To me, respect is everything in a relationship. What you have posted raises a red flag. If he will get an erection by watching a sexual scene on T.V but not looking at you, then what makes you think he is not cheating on you?

  3. My past post dribbled away into drowsiness.

    I don’t put up with porn. When I was married and the one time I co-habited, it was not in the house, and if he HAD to have it, he HAD to go. Women don’t have to tolerate what for most is painful and damages one’s body image (OK, some should be damaged to lose that extra 100 pounds). It damages the emotional bonding the woman felt for the man and her trust in him if she discovers he’s been keeping it a secret, and if he’s open about it in the beginning, she’s not going to change him, so Adios, Muchacho. Besides, much pornography depicts women having things done to them by one or more people, and even if the things look uncomfortable or disgusting, the women are shown as delighting in it.

    One of those “jeans ads” building sides in NYC shows a woman preparing to “rim” a man; how this escaped the world of pornography and made it into a “legit” ad for jeans is upsetting. But, as John Waters says, “At least it’s not felching.”

    This is a no compromise situation for me, as is ogling other women or, worse, ogling and commenting on them when he’s with me. I’ll walk out on the middle of a date of any of these things transpire. My self-respect is more important to me than any guy.

  4. this last person is really distraught. you are a controlling person, who needs to have all the attention and if not does not feel loved. it is your type and your influence on others thinking that is detrimental to relationships. relatioships are to based on trust. one is to be able to communicate things that one likes or dislikes about one another in a relatioship and to help if help is needed. bryony1, you have very low self esteem and insecurity and use it as a controlling tool against the person in your relationship. how will a guy ever trust someone who acts like Fidel Castro the dictator. no everyone is as perfect as you are, bryony1. maybe you can help your partner along and if not then you walk away. but, any fellas out there if you encounter a woman like this bryon1 along the way, RUN!!!!!!

  5. Is this from 1950?

    My girlfriend asked me early on in the relationship if I looked at porn, which I told her I did (without knowing her opinion on the matter). Turns out she does as well. I, as do most guys, masturbate daily or even more often. That’s what porn is for. It doesn’t mean I don’t respect women, that I’m not attracted to my girlfriend or anything else people are trying to imply. She even watches it with me!

    And as for getting hard, do you (asked of the original question) know how getting hard works? In a movie scene, there’s lots of anticipation and time building up to something. Despite the fact that I’m very attracted to my girlfriend, her just flashing her boobs at me isn’t really going to do anything for me (except make me smile). If he never gets hard for you, then maybe you do have a problem (but I’m willing to bet porn is not at fault. E.D. or relationship issues are more likely).

    If you feel uncomfortable with him watching it, talk to him about it. Keep in mind though, it would be a pretty tall order to ask him to stop doing something he has been doing in private since he was probably 12.

    @Babygirl and bryony:

    If for whatever reason you just can’t stand a man looking at looking at porn, that’s your thing and I’m not going to judge. But to act like there is something wrong with guys that like porn, or women that “put up with it” is judgmental. It really has nothing to do with your self-respect. It’s case by case. If you really have a problem with it, fine. But don’t imply that you are taking a morally high road by being that way.

  6. watch porn all u want (but not like addict status!), but i don’t wanna know about it-keep it completely to urself unless of course i’m watching it w/u. that way everybodys happy. and if i stumple upon some kinky stuff on the net/tv, i’m not gonna go blab to u and get u all worked up and jealous over it either-it’s just that we’re human and all enjoy harmless, threatless stimulation here and there. but keep it w/in reason. don’t lie tho and say u didn’t watch it if u did-just theres no need to get that deep n2 another individual’s business bf/gf/hub/wife or not ;p

  7. o yeah, women if it just ‘gets to u’ becuz it’s another chik and u actually think it’s the same as cheating-think about this logically-come on-grow up! ur not his mother and u wud want the same respect n so many other areas of life urself. if u don’t trust him w/something he can’t even touch or talk to, then ur relationship is doomed and miserable already anyway***

  8. look its simple guys, are visually stimulated and if your not in a relationship thats one thing, but if your in one stop being lazy,you don,t need porn put the time into your relationship ,romance your lady, flirt all day you,ll both benefit that night. don,t get instant gratification from porn ,not only will your sex life suffer your bond will also . you,ll end up alone whacking it

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