Post-Breakup Blues

A woman asks why men break up with their girlfriends and then start talking to them again.


Post-Breakup Confusion

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: Why do guys break up with their girlfriends after a year and then two months later start talking to them again, saying that both parties were immature for not communicating, that they miss being around the ex and wish to remain friends while hinting at a reconciliation? Do they really want to get back together, or are they just being “lonely” while completely leading the girl on and not dating them again?

Avery: After being with someone for a year, it is hard to break up and have no contact. Your ex-boyfriend probably is lonely and is remembering all of the great times that you had together. If the reasons that you broke up are things that can be worked out, and other parts of your relationship were great, it may be worth exploring getting back together.

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