Postcards from Mommywood: 'Reality' Moms: Stop Pimping Out Your Kids!

What's going to be the long-term effect on these children?
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Postcards from Mommywood: ‘Reality’ Moms: Stop Pimping Out Your Kids!

What’s going to be the long-term effect on these children?

-Diane Clehane

Danielle Staub

I am completely disgusted by the ongoing freak show of low-life ‘parents’ who are using their children to gain C-list fame by appearing on the ever-burgeoning bumper crop of reality shows.

No list of pathetic parents would be complete without those standard bearers of irresponsible parenthood played out in excruciating detail for the entire world to see—Jon and Kate Gosselin. Her addiction to the limelight was hard to miss during her ill-fated appearance on Dancing with the Stars. I thought she was going to chain herself to the judge’s desk the night she was finally voted off. Her oft-repeated refrain that everything she does ‘I do for my kids’ would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and enraging.

We can look forward to more divorce dysfunction when Kate and her brood return to the small screen this summer with her new show. (This time, all the proper permits were obtained so the kids are definitely not being exploited. So there, all you haters!) Something tells me that Jon will turn up on screen, too. Why else would he suddenly try to make nice with Kate? Apparently, he’s come to realize what most of America already knows – that he has no discernible skills or talent and the only way he’s ever make it back on television is if he allowed the camera back in to film his dysfunctional relationship with his family. Stay tuned …

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But my nominee for Worst ‘Reality’ Mother of the Year goes to New Jersey “Housewife” Danielle Staub. During The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s first season last year, I watched in horror as the former stripper and alleged gun moll used her young daughters as sounding boards on her sex life. Her girls, who seem like lovely kids, looked a bit shell-shocked by their mother any time they appeared together on screen.

This season, the cringe-worthy premiere featured a  scene where Danielle, furious about not being invited to a party where the other “Housewives” had gathered, was intent on crashing the late-night gathering and was on her way over to confront them with her girls in the back seat of her white Land Rover. While Mommy Dearest careened down the highway practicing aloud what she would say to her enemies, both girls tried to talk their mother out of making a scene by pleading with her to turn around and go home. In the end, Danielle listened to them, but it was a heartbreaking scene.

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0 thoughts on “Postcards from Mommywood: 'Reality' Moms: Stop Pimping Out Your Kids!

  1. I just saw my first Real Housewives of NJ the other day and almost died of shock watching Danielle Staub act like a complete, utter mess in front of her poor young daughters. I do think that ANY mom who lets her kids be on a reality show needs to get her head checked.

  2. Those ladies are tacky and act like they’re in high school. Why would you act like that in front of your kids? When your kids have to tell their parent that they are acting inappropriately and beg you not to make a fool of yourself, you should listen! (and then get ya head checked)You’re making N.J. look bad.

  3. I’m glad someone said exactly what I was thinking about Danielle. i am guilty of watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but this modeling thing with her daughter made me sad and uncomfortable. I feel bad for those poor girls.

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