Pregnant and Alone

A pregnant woman seeks advice about how to get through her depression.

What Would Debbie Do?

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Dear Debbie,

I am 45 and have 3 great boys (26, 15 and 12) and a granddaughter. I divorced about a year ago (he decided he liked men too). Here’s my issue: I was dating a man who is 39, really could do some talking, how I was the woman he was looking for and wanted to spend his life with, etc. Well I never thought I could get pregnant, I was going thru “the change of life” and all that. Well it turns out I am pregnant. I considered abortion but know I couldn’t go through with it, and now I’m thinking adoption but I’m worried I wouldn’t be able to do that either.

My life is over and if it weren’t for my kids I would be dead. My so-called boyfriend has dumped me, and my family has turned their back on me. I can’t function and I cry all the time. I have to be strong for my boys but I’m in the midst of the worst depression ever. Any ideas on how to get through this? I really need some mental support, I just can’t do this alone but somehow have to. P.S. How can a man dump someone in this situation?

–Thanks, Gina

Dear Gina,

What a predicament.

For starters, I am so sorry this man let you down, but even more upset about your family turning their back on you. When you asked, “How can a man dump someone in this situation?” my first thought was, ‘very easily.’ It’s amazing the lack of character some people have.

None-the-less, you are in this situation, and you’ve chosen to move forward. With that decision comes a mental wrangling, per se, of your thoughts, actions, and perspective. You do not have time to wallow in the past. You have responsibilities to your younger children, and your unborn child. Now is the time to surround yourself with those you love, and those who support you, unconditionally. If your family is causing distress, cut them out, for now. They will most likely come around, but any negativity will just make things worse.

Also, I recommend you find a support group in your community or church. Being around those who are in a similar situation will be insightful and help you cope with the emotions you’re feeling. Truly, it’s one step at a time.

That’s what I would do…


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  1. Don’t be hard on yourself. All you need in your life are your anchors (The kids) that’s it. That’s what gets me through my day and can’t ask for more.
    Good Luck and I will be praying for you and all the children

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