Getting Ready for The Inaugural Ball: Part 4

We are so excited that Jayne and Jennifer have agreed to give us the inside scoop as they prepare to cover the Inauguration today!

Inauguration 2009

Getting Ready for The Ball: Part 4

Preparing to cover the most exciting events today!

-Jayne Chase and Jennifer Goodkind, A Fashionable Life

We are so excited that Jayne and Jennifer have agreed to give us the inside scoop as they prepare to cover the Inauguration today! They’ll be blogging about all the events and balls they cover tonight. For now … take a peek at what goes on as they get ready for the balls. Read their last update here.

Michelle ObamaJennifer writes:

We arrived last night at the residence that we are so fortunate to be calling home while in Washington for our coverage for ABC News NOW of the historic inauguration of Barack Obama. (Pictured here — Michelle Obama at the Kid’s Inaugural “We are the Future Concert “… so chic as always!)

Our first stop was the ABC bureau. There is a room set up where we met with the Head of Operations (down from New York). Mindy hooked us up with our press credentials and gave us a talk about the bags we were carrying (and how we were not allowed to bring them with us to The Washington Convention Center). We were also given a run down on transportation and it looks like Jayne and Jen will be taking the metro or walking from the ABC bureau to the convention center. We will be changing from the cocktail dresses we are wearing to do our live broadcast in the studio into our gowns and high tailing it over to meet our producer. Frankly, I get a little stressed thinking about remaining close to camera ready after running through the streets of Washington in January. Not exactly conducive to good hair and guaranteed to create major red nose … Armani finishing powder, a little lip color and a lot of Fekkai hair spray!!!

After the ball coverage from the convention center we are heading to the RIAA (Recording Industry Ball), which is being held at The Ibiza Club. Needless to say, this will be our best shot at interviewing some “cool” people (people that will make our kids proud) like Rihanna and Kanye West who will be supporting the cause Feeding America.

Jayne writes:

Deborah Roberts will be the anchor for the RIAA Ball. Jen and I did a fashion segment on Good Morning America with Deborah so we are excited to see her.

Our hosts in DC have had guests coming and going all week long. Their youngest daughter is on her way to the Inaugural Kids Concert where the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cirus are performing for the Military Families.

We are prepping for our segments and anticipating like all of you to see what Michelle Obama will be wearing!

Jayne Chase and Jennifer Goodkind are Co-Hosts of A Fashionable Life (  They are fashion reporters for ABC News NOW, where they cover the red carpet, Fashion Week and the business of fashion.

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