President Obama is Coming Between Angelina Jolie and Her Dad

President Obama is Coming Between Angelina Jolie and Her Dad, Jon Voight.
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President Obama is Coming Between Angelina Jolie & Her Dad

Angie’s reconciliation with her dad hit the skids when talk turned to politics

-Kathy Campbell

There’s an old saying that you should never discuss sex, politics or religion if you want to avoid an argument. Unfortunately Angelina Jolie seems to be ignoring that wise adage.

After years of not talking to her dad, Jon Voight, the actress recently called her father (at her partner Brad Pitt‘s urging), but her peace-making mission was derailed when the talk turned to President Obama.

Jon Voight

Angelina hasn’t seen her dad since he claimed to Access Hollywood back in 2002 that she had “serious mental problems,” but Brad – who enjoys a close relationship with his parents, Bill and Jane – has been urging Angie to make peace with Jon, so that he can meet their six kids.

“Angelina is always coming up with excuses not to get in touch with her father, and never follows through when Brad asks her to call him,” an insider tells “This time, she agreed to phone him. But no sooner did the conversation get started than it came to a halt when they started talking about politics.”

Angelina and Brad are liberal-minded supporters of President Obama, while Jon, 70, is an outspoken conservative, who back in June railed against the president at a GOP fundraiser, calling him “weak,” and last week told the Washington Times that President Obama was “creating a civil war in our own country.”

“Angelina told her father that he and others like him shouldn’t be shooting down the president’s agenda publicly,” the insider says. “Jon laughed and told Angelina, ‘I don’t like or trust the guy and I have no clout. He’s destroying his chances on his own.’ “

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0 thoughts on “President Obama is Coming Between Angelina Jolie and Her Dad

  1. if i allowed politics to come between my parents and I, we’d never speak again. Sometimes you have to be able to distance yourself from a debate and just agree to disagree.

  2. I love that Angelina Jolie is not heavily influenced by her father’s, Jon Voight, political opinions. Though, I don’t agree that their views on politics should come between them. It’s just another excuse for them to disagree and argue

  3. It is unbelievable that Jon Voight would ever make those comments about his own flesh and blood. Did he really say those words about Angie or was it taken out of context?

  4. I think Brad should leave Angelina alone in this matter. He cannot understand what feelings she has for her dad given that he had such loving, supportive parents. Angelina’s dad was never around and when he was around he would make hurtful comments. The fact that he doesn’t even know the names of her children is abominable. I think that Angelina shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for not having a relationship with her dad. It’s his fault that he wasn’t there for her as a child and he isn’t making that much of an effort now either. I say, Brad, leave Angie alone on this one!

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