Pretty Boys vs. Manly Men

Pretty Boys vs. Manly Men: Which is better?
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The Dating Game

Pretty Boys vs. Manly Men

Which guy is best for you?

-Carrie Seim

Zac EfronIt’s the most anticipated showdown of the year. Bigger than Palin vs. Letterman. Bigger than Perez vs. Bigger, yes, than Jon vs. Kate.

Who’s facing off in this most ferocious feud? None other than the Pretty Boys and the Manly Men. Gentlemen – let’s get ready to rumble.

In this corner, we have the Pretty Boys. Slim, slight and sullen, these upstarts are jostling for the sexy stud title of 2009. Think Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson, Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford, Footloose‘s Zac Efron and even Harry Potter‘s nerdy Daniel Radcliffe. Robert Pattinson(Make that Equus‘ NAKED Daniel Radcliffe.)

With their messy mop tops, their guyliner and their emo energy, these boy toys have women trading rough-and-tumble romance for a more androgynous kind of amour.

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0 thoughts on “Pretty Boys vs. Manly Men

  1. I love to look at Pretty Boys…
    I prefer to drool over Manly Men…

    But I would marry a Geek or Nerd!!!!!

    Not a pocket protector type of a guy. But overly obsessed with comic books or something ::inset school girl laugh::

  2. While the pretty boys are lovely to look at, I’d rather have someone throw me against a wall, if ya know what I mean! Altho, that Zacky baby – maybe I could throw HIM against the wall!

  3. These dichotomies might be entertaining for trashy magazines but I have to say I’m disappointed that it’s highlighted in Betty Confidential. If the article were about “go-getter” women who can climb mountains and win triathlons vs. women whose priority concerns are nail color and whether the day’s clothes ensemble fits the latest fashion trends, we would be up in arms – why shouldn’t all of these women be beautiful, attractive, and worthy of note? Why should women be stereotyped as one versus the other, and ask others to judge which is the victor? Likewise, this boxing ring match scheme is doing a disservice for men (and women). Why shouldn’t men be able to express themselves aesthetically? Why shouldn’t men feel free to shed a tear without worry of stereotyping and contempt by those who think men should only cry over something “manly” enough. The implications may be subtle but it’s clearly in the words – if they aren’t manly men, then they are not worthy to be men. This is not fair to men and by putting men in molds, we are doing a disservice to ourselves, women, who are too often confined by the very same cookie-cutter boxes society forces upon us.

  4. wow, this article is just for fun. get off your soapbox.

    and I vote manly men. a hundred times over. I dated a male model once—something about how he complimented my shoes was a big fat turn-off, hahaha. I love a guy who doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to get dressed and has no idea who made my dress or that my skirt is A-line. that guy in the gym who stares at himself in the mirror while he lifts weights? not for me. I’ll take the guy who throws me over his shoulder after winning a soccer game, and looks at nothing but me. :)

  5. Meggieliz8, and so says the guy who is charged with sexual harassment in the workplace (we were just joking around), who date rapes a woman (come on, loosen up we were just trying to have a good time), etc. Some things are funny or for fun, sure. I don’t see sexism to be humorous, though.

  6. How is any of this “sexist”? That’s ridiculous. It wouldn’t be sexist to ask if men find “womanly women” or “girly girls” more attractive either. Lighten up!

  7. I’m with you Meggieliz8 . This is just a silly article that is done a thousand times to women. Every website judges women by the size of their tits and lips as hot. Now we get to weigh in, just for fun.

    Personally I have never found the pretty boys HOT. They look too weak and delicate. When I look at them I think, ” Damn, he got the lips and eye lashes I was supposed to have.” Not ” Take me to the casbah!”

    I’m all for the manly men. When we get hit by a hurricane ( common here) I want a strong guy working beside me to board the windows and fix the roof and make me dinner after, not someone worried about his manicure. Manly men are long term.

  8. nstafate — this article is celebrating all different kinds of beauty and attractiveness — not just one “cookie cutter” kind. That’s the point. Are we now not allowed to appreciate aesthetics without being accused of rape? Get a grip.

  9. Hasn’t anyone seen Robert Pattinson without his shirt on? Now THERE’s a manly man. And his face is too exotic to be called “pretty” or “manly.” It’s unique.

  10. Why are we still debating this point? That’s my point. Author says, “But they’ve got some of us wondering – where did all the “real men” go?” Who are these women who think that to be a “real man,” he must never express his feelings and always must act their “masculine” part. How is that not sexist? We want our men to act like men so that we women can reserve our sphere in this world to be “feminine”? So Fern, the point is, at one time not long ago, date rape was not even a word because we didn’t see it as a problem. Sexual harassment didn’t happen because we didn’t think twice about women getting what they deserved for not knowing their place in society (shouldn’t they stay home anyway and make babies or something!?) – maybe you think this is great fun and jolly celebration but – wait, because we do the same to women it’s ok to do to men? – we shouldn’t be doing it, period. When I get off the soapbox might be when you get off your whoopie cushion of ignorance. So how about get a grip and get your *ss off it?

  11. I want a manly man for everything! My very own manly man makes my knees go weak… Pretty boys are mega borring! It is almost gut turning how effeminate these pretty boys are…

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