Pretty Girls ARE Good at Sex, Courtney Love!

The outspoken rocker claims more attractive women are "bad in bed,” but this writer thinks she's got it all wrong.
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Pretty Girls ARE Good at Sex, Courtney Love!

The outspoken rocker claims that more attractive women are “bad in bed,” but this writer thinks she’s got it all wrong.

-Veronica Wood

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I’m personally offended by what Courtney Love said this week during an interview with Fuse’s “On the Record” regarding why she thinks she’s so ‘awesome’ at sex: “I’m better because I was never pretty,” she told the show’s host, Toure, in comments that were also reported in The Huffington Post. “Pretty girls just lie there. Us girls who grew up a little more homely have to try a lot harder.”

Bitch, please. You just started an all-out war with every single girl out there who considers herself to be both attractive and good in bed – and that includes me.

Now, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’m a pretty girl. I’ve had enough random, outspoken men on the street tell me so, and at some point, you just have to start agreeing with them. And, Ms. Love, I also happen to be a fireball in bed. I know my ex-boyfriend and our neighbors with the really thin walls (and let’s face it, everyone who lived in our old apartment building) would be able to back me up on that one. Like anything else I care about in my life, I try to give it my all when I’m in between the sheets, and I do not “just lie there,” thank you very much.

That said, I will admit that I’ve heard stories about beautiful girls being sub-par when it comes to their sexual skills. I was shocked when a guy friend of mine told me that one of my good friends – a woman I consider to be drop-dead gorgeous – was like a cold, dead fish in the sack. I definitely wasn’t expecting that response when I excitedly asked about their hookup. I was really surprised.

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But still, her poor performance doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with how attractive she is. Maybe she was just nervous, or wasn’t feeling it, or was simply inexperienced. (Or, ladies, you’re probably familiar with this one: Maybe she just stopped trying because he wasn’t good.)

I’m convinced that Courtney’s remark was just a stupid ploy to get everyone in the room to picture her having sex, which is not something anyone wants to do voluntarily. Or, maybe it was her strategy for trying to take the interviewer home (and for his sake, I hope he didn’t hop on that train).

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0 thoughts on “Pretty Girls ARE Good at Sex, Courtney Love!

  1. Courtney has spent the better part of her life on drugs so no one should take what she says too seriously! Some people lie there, some people hump like jack rabbits.. Maybe we shouldn’t be calling people “ugly.”

  2. It’s a little counter-productive/sad to state you judged your own attractiveness on how many “random and outspoken men on the street” told you so. Love said something stupid, but you’re both talking about your ability to “please men in bed” which shouldn’t be the case anyway, it should be about a woman being healthily engaged in sex EQUALLY, not feeling like she has to perform based on her own looks.

  3. Personally I know I’m pretty, but I know it has nothing to do with my sex life. I am good in bed because it gives me pleasure. What would I get out of just laying there. Sex is like a workout with the ultimate payoff – orgasm. I want that payoff so I work for it. If a guy happens to love that a girl is very active and engaged in sex he should realize that it’s because she wants to have fun and that it’s not all about pleasing him. Guys are easy to please. If Courtney feels she needs to work for acceptance that is just one more issue the poor woman has.

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