Prints Can Make You Look Thinner!

6 fashion secrets on how to wear this bold look.
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3. Stick to graphic high contrast prints that have a dark base. The deep background color will sharpen  the overall shape, so even bright and light color accents won’t blow you up.

Lord and Taylor

Ali Ro printed boat neck sheath dress ( $129.99,


Catherine Malandrino Adele Embroidery Dress ($416.50,

4. Look for empire dresses that contrast a solid top and print skirt or vice versa. This  allows you to play down problem areas while playing up good ones in the same dress without wearing separates.


Teeze Me charmeuse dress with print empire top and solid skirt ($69,

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitter’s Urban Renewal Lace Up Remnant dress with black knit top and print skirt ( $58,

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0 thoughts on “Prints Can Make You Look Thinner!

  1. canddmom says:

    I appreciate the tips on prints; however, it would be more effective if your examples were of women that weren’t size 0 models.

  2. mommommom says:

    I agree with canddmom! These women look fabulous in anything.

  3. momof1 says:

    I LOVE Rachel Zoe, but she wouldn’t look fat if you wrapped her from head to toe in flashing Christmas lights. I agree those other models are not average by any stretch of the imagination. Where are the real-sized women?!

  4. Cheer321 says:

    How on earth are you supposed to believe this if they try the patterns on size 0 models!

  5. lillly says:

    They are not really size 0 models, especially the first one they just look like normal not fat women. Its not like they have runway models showing you these.

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