John McCain/Sarah Palin: Why I Support Them

Why one woman supports John McCain and gov. Sarah Palin

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Why I Support McCain/Palin

Actions speak louder than words

-Ann Hogan

John McCain and Sarah PalinEditor’s Note: The following is one Betty’s opinion. welcomes all opinions and doesn’t endorse any
particular candidate or political party.

I’m from Louisiana, but I swear I must have some “Show Me State” blood in me, because I value actions more than words. Perhaps that’s why this campaign, and the man we could elect president, troubles me so much.

I’ve had friends raving to me about Barack Obama. They all support him because he’s for “change.” And it’s not just “change” that Obama promises, but “postpartisanship” too! How dreamy that sounds. No wonder people love him. What a wonderful, simple message in a time of war and economic crisis.

But as Hillary Clinton said during the primaries: “Words are not actions … As beautifully presented and passionately felt as they are, they are not action.” I think you have to earn the right to say you will bring “change” and “postpartisanship.” From all I’ve read, Senator Obama has done nothing in his career that demonstrates to me a readiness, willingness or an ability to reach across party lines to accomplish great pieces of legislation, or to buck his party’s very liberal leadership.

As the Washington Post pointed out, “In Obama’s first years in the Senate, he showed little interest in the middle, where moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats coalesce, often to thwart their leadership.”

Obama had the most liberal voting record in the Senate. I read a list of “bipartisan” accomplishments that the Obama campaign published in response to this concern. There isn’t anything big or meaningful on that list, nothing that required him to go against the most liberal wing of his party, or reach across the aisle on a controversial measure. It’s all “small ball.” The far left is not where I am, and it’s not where America is. I don’t want a president who governs from way over there, especially when we’d be looking at a Democratic congress and a Democratic president.

John McCain (to the irritation of members of his own party) has frequently been willing to cross party lines, to buck his own party and his own party’s ostensible interests, to do what he thought was right, even when unpopular. And he did this on big and important things, like campaign finance reform and climate change. Similarly, as a Governor, Sarah Palin was ALL action, standing up to the oil companies and her own Republican Party (talk about postpartisan!) That kind of record means much more than words. That’s why I’m voting for John McCain on Election Day.

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