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Why the newest James Bond is impossible to Resist

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Craig. Daniel Craig.

Why the newest James Bond is impossible to resist

– Carrie Seim

You may be confused by the chopped-to-bits chase sequences in Quantum of Solace.  (The film is crammed with car chases, boat chases, plane chases and opera chases – none of which seem to lead anywhere).

You may be mystified by a muddled plot that never quite satisfies. (The villain, Mathieu Amalric, is delightfully reptilian and creepy, we’re just never clued in to why he’s so reptilian and creepy).

You may scratch your head at the lack of gadgets and casual affairs. (Two hours and only one romp in a high-end hotel? And barely a kiss from smoldering Bond girl Olga Kurylenko?)

But one thing will be extraordinary clear as you soak up the 22nd incarnation of the 007 franchise – your utter seduction by the man behind the mystery.

Craig. Daniel Craig.

When it comes to actors breathing dashing life into James Bond, I never guessed Craig would end up as the double-o-sexiest. His rough-hewn features and scowling blue eyes made him an unlikely contrast to suave incarnations of the past.

But Craig’s exterior iciness is little more than a clever cover. He delivers a steely emotional performance motivated by revenge and soaked with soul.

Whether taking down bad guys on a dock it Haiti or taking down bad girls on a bed in Bolivia, Craig proves irresistible. (When he invites a comely young agent to help him “find the stationery” in his hotel bedroom, I nearly leapt from my theater seat to offer some assistance!)

Quantum of Solace  may not be the best Bond movie I’ve ever seen. But Craig is definitely the best Bond I’ve ever laid eyes on. And on. And on.

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