Quick and Easy Breakfast

Here are some simple recipes that will get you out the door feeling full and happy

Quick and Easy Breakfast

Here are some simple recipes that will get you out the door feeling full and happy

-Ronnie Campbell

quick and easy breakfastAs kids, we were told, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Well, guess what? It is!

Many folks don’t eat breakfast because they don’t feel hungry. They don’t feel hungry in the morning because they eat well into the night before. When they go to bed, the body is busy digesting all that food. Digestion then goes into a slower gear during the hours of sleep and that means there’s still food in the stomach when they wake in the morning. Our poor tummy’s need rest too.

A tired stomach is in no mood to digest a big breakfast. Add to that the fact that when you get up the next morning your blood sugar level is at its lowest point in the day. Glucose is the basic fuel for the brain and central nervous system. That’s why a good breakfast actually makes you happy and keeps you from the morning grumps. Here are some quick and delicious morning meals that take a few minutes to prepare and travel well, wrapped in paper or foil.


Spread Jarlsberg slice with some peanut butter and roll up; press top and bottom into crushed cereal. Serve with apple, pear or other favorite fruit.


In lightly oiled skillet, scramble 2 eggs (using one or both yolks). Add diced tomato, scallion, a handful of baby spinach or arugula and 1 tablespoon Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs cheese. Roll up in tortilla.


Toast waffles, cinnamon raisin bread or English muffin. Spread about 2 teaspoons apple butter or fig jam on each half and top with a few thin slices pear, cooked with a touch of ginger; sprinkle with pecans. Place ½ slice Jarlsberg cheese on each muffin half and run under broiler to melt.

Vary the ingredients on the toast: use cooked crisp bacon and cooked tender apples; top with Jarlsberg or Old Amsterdam cheese (Dutch-style Gouda) and broil until melted. Or, butter a slice of bread and smear with mustard; top with a slice of cooked Canadian bacon, pineapple slice and Jarlsberg or Old Amsterdam. Broil until cheese melts.


Using 2 Scandinaivan style crispbreads, spread peanut butter (mixed with a bit of honey) on each. Layer one crispbread with thin slices of banana (or apple). Top with a marshmallow fluff and finish with another slice of crispbead. Wrap in foil and warm slightly in oven.

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