Ready for Your Close-up?

Celebs and regular Bettys, too, now have a little extra help to look picture perfect

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Ready for Your Close-Up?

Celebs and regular Bettys, too, now have a little extra help to look picture-perfect

-Paige Herman-Axel

MagnifiedHDTV has changed the way I watch television. Now, in addition to actually watching my shows, I find myself looking at the actresses’ skin, trying to see if there are pimples under all of that makeup (in most cases there are!). It makes me feel a little bad for these ladies, since now they are under even more scrutiny.

Here are a few new tricks that pro makeup artists are using to help leading ladies look their best in the world of high-definition close-ups.

The goal of on-screen-and everyday–makeup is to create a flawless, luminous, natural-looking complexion, but today’s HD technology can amplify the effect, sometimes leading to a caked-on look. Cargo’s line of blu_ray High-Definition Make-Up contains cutting-edge ingredients like optical blurring pigments and photochromatic pigments that adjust to different lights for the appearance of a more refined complexion. So what does this mean for you? None of the “white face” that often results from flash photography, but rather a picture-perfect complexion that lasts the whole day through. The blu_ray Concealer is a makeup artist’s dream, since it’s waterproof (enough to withstand sweating under all the hot lights), and it contains a topical Botox alternative to reduce wrinkles. ($28,

As if it’s not bad enough battling facial hair in everyday life, imagine it being magnified by the camera! I’ve tried everything from waxing and threading to laser hair removal on my upper lip. Sure, I loved the results (after about 8 treatments), but I got sick of going back to the dermatologist for touch-ups, not to mention the price. Then I got the TRIA at-home hair removal system so I could zap those dark hairs in the comfort of my own home (on my own schedule) and I’m on my way to being fuzz free. I hear that Hollywood makeup artists are fans of the laser as well, and without naming names, let’s just say that the stars of Ugly Betty and House can thank the TRIA for eliminating hair so we don’t see it in high definition. ($795,

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  1. If you read the info on the Tria site about what NOT to use their laser hair removal system on, it lists: NOT “on or around the eye area, including the eyebrows, the face, head, ears, neck, nipples, genitals, or anus.”

    Um…ok, so what are we supposed to do about our unibrow, our catfish mustache, our goat chin hair, hubby’s furry ears, or our Sasquatch bikini line?!

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