5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Wardrobe

this is about recession-proofing your wardrobe during these stressful economic times

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5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Wardrobe

Take care of and re-invent your clothes and accessories to make them last

-Dawn Del Russo, aka Fashionista 411

woman in closet1. No More Wire Hangers!
Mommy Dearest was right … wire hangers may rust, stain, tear clothing, or leave embarrassing dents in the shoulders. Padded and rounded hangers are best (*cheat tip: wrap tissue around your hangers); they’ll preserve the shape in shoulders and prevent unsightly creases and drooping.

2. Fold Your Knits
Knitted garments are sensitive, so keep them folded. *Remember: Fold them a little differently each time so they will not develop creases.

3. Launder Well
Separate laundry by color; try a specialty detergent like “The Laundress,” which has detergents for whites, darks, denim and colors. The better you care for your garments in the laundry the longer they will last and less you have to purchase.

4. Re-Invent Clothing
Take a long skirt and turn it into a belted dress with a long sleeve top underneath

5. Re-Work Jewelry
Be creative – today, chunky and funky is all the rage. Find old pieces from your great grandmother’s jewelry box or local thrift stores to create a charm bracelet; attach a bold brooch to an old chain; or connect two bracelets to make a necklace.

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