Remembering Natasha Richardson

Lois Joy Johnson on meeting Natasha Richardson just a week before her tragic death

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Remembering Natasha Richardson

BettyConfidential’s Beauty and Style Editor shares a special memory

-Lois Joy Johnson

Natasha RichardsonI met Natasha Richardson. I met her just last week. Here’s how it happened.

I was having my hair colored at Brad Johns’ salon at Elizabeth Arden. I was telling Brad that it was spring and I wanted to cut my hair a couple of inches. Suddenly, the woman next to me with a beautiful deep British accent said, “Oh, cut it. Cut it. You will look lovely.” I looked at her and thought she looked familiar. And I noticed that our hair was exactly the same color gold.

I said to Brad, “You are giving us the same color.” And he said, “No, I am not. I do everyone as an individual client.” But he was laughing. And we were laughing, too.

She then put her head back and I realized who it was. It was Natasha. But her hair was different than she usual wore it. It was chin-length and curly. Not the long mane I associated with her.

She was wearing jeans and Uggs. And, yes, she looked beautiful, but she was dressed so casually. And so unlike a movie star. She had no attitude. She looked like she was ready to go off on a holiday.

We both went to have our hair rinsed and blown out. When she came to say good-bye to Brad I thought she looked great. So modern and so young. I said to Brad, “Is she always like that?” And he said, “Yes, she is so down to earth. And nice and generous. And she is completely herself all the time.”

A couple of days later I called a friend who I knew had worked with Natasha several times to say I had met her and that she was as nice as she could be. My friend was very upset. She had already heard about Natasha’s accident. I was stunned. It didn’t seem possible that this vibrant, laughing woman with whom I had made girl talk was now fighting for her life.

I was even more horrified when I learned of her death. My friend who knew her well is totally devastated. I am sure Brad is very upset too. I am sure everybody who knew her loved her. And I keep thinking of us laughing together and how my day was brightened by her. And how terribly sad it must be for those who had the chance to know her better and for those who loved her.

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0 thoughts on “Remembering Natasha Richardson

  1. That’s what is so shocking and sad to people about this I think — even though most of us didn’t know her personally, it’s terrifying to think that someone can be so vital and alive one moment, and gone in the next.

  2. wow, thanks for sharing this. I think it’s a great example of all the little differences we can make by every encounter we have, and we SHOULD because life is so, so short and unpredictable.

  3. Again, it reminds me of how sad it was to lose Dana Reeves at such a young age, and now another generous, beautiful young woman, Natasha, is just gone way too early.

  4. Thank you so much Lois! Ever since I saw “The Parent Trap” when I was young I just KNEW Natasha had to be a very special person. She absolutely illuminated the screen with her beauty and charisma. A light has definitely gone out in the world … she is irreplaceable.

  5. It’s just heart-wrenching. I had seen Natasha many times in NYC and have met her husband, twice. She was so lovely in person and he is such a nice man, my heart just goes out to him and their family. Reminds us all that life is just so fragile, you have to live every day to the fullest.

  6. This tragedy just breaks my heart. They always seemed like such a nice, “normal” family considering their celebrity status. I feel sick whenever I think about the pain that family must be going through right now. Life certainly isn’t fair.

  7. Simply tragic. My heart just breaks for Liam and his boys who will have to grow up without their mother. Just goes to show how fragile life is. Make the best of it.

  8. So sad! You just never know when you’re day is up. So make the best of every day and live life to the fullest! Poor Liam and his boys, they are such nice people!

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