Guy Ritchie and Blaker Fielder Civil the Gold Diggers

Both Guy Ritchie and Blake Fielder Civil are profiting from their divorces from Mdaonna and Amy Winehouse respectively.


Gold-Digging Celebrity Men

Ritchie and Blake: The ladies are payin’

– Judy McGuire

Madonna and Guy RitchieRemember how Guy Ritchie gassed on to anyone who’d listen that he wasn’t going to ask soon-to-be-ex wife Madonna for a penny? Well, technically he didn’t ask for a “penny” – according to Madonna’s spokesperson, he received $76 – $92 million in their divorce settlement. That’s at least $9.2 mil for each year of marriage!   Not bad, Guy.

Of course with a fortune estimated at $525 million (how does one even count that high?), this is almost (but not quite) pocket change for Madge. Here’s hoping she’ll get the next husband to sign a pre-nup.

Blake Felder CivilAmy Winehouse’s ex, Blake Fielder-Civil is also looking for the big payout, though obviously it’ll be much smaller than Guy’s. You’d think the guy would have a little shame after coming out and admitting on tape that he was the one who helped turn the supremely talented and now extremely screwed-up singer into a drug addict, but you’d be wrong. Blake “Incarcerated” wants $2 million to walk away and not write a tell-all about his life with Winehouse.  (Of course he also claimed recently he was “not interested in Amy’s money. I’m not taking a penny off her.”)

What a great guy – c’mon Amy, once he’s out of jail – again – and you’re out of the hospital – again – you should totally take him back!

Now I’m not saying that men are the only ones who should pay alimony, but Ritchie had a successful film career and Blake Fielder-Civil has been married to Winehouse for something like ten seconds – and most of that time he’s spent in the pokey. It’s not like they gave up their careers and stayed home with the children for decades. Do these guys really deserve to profit from their marriages? It seems that at least in these two cases, chivalry is not only dead, it’s buying a new dress for its new girlfriend with your credit card.

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