Robert Pattinson's Love Triangle?

Robert Pattinson of Twilight, may have caught himself in a love triangle with Emilie de Ravin and Camilla Belle.

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Robert Pattinson’s Love Triangle?

Rumors swirl around the Twilight star, Emile de Ravin and Camilla Belle

-Kelly Will

Robert Pattinson Love TriangleIf you live in New York City, you are almost guaranteed to run into Robert Pattinson at any given downtown Manhattan location. The trendier the better, but even the street will do. The Twilight superstar has been hounded by press and fans since the moment he began filming his new flick, Remember Me, last week. It is even easier to spot him now that Robert has attached himself to co-star Emilie de Ravin and friend, Camilla Belle.

Rumors of a relationship love triangle are surrounding Rob, 23, Emilie, 27, and Camilla, 22, who are seen together almost every evening. On Tuesday night, the threesome had dinner at Gemma in the Bowery Hotel. Later, they headed upstairs to the outdoor garden to sip drinks and laugh with other friends. On Wednesday, they were back together again, all three, once more in the outdoor garden. By Friday night, the three friends were joined by another female pal at the Bowery Hotel before they ducked into a cab to head across town to the members only, Soho House.

While reports are rampant of love in the air, especially between Rob and co-star, Emilie, my on-set sources say they are friends and instantly bonded when they met weeks ago to prep for the movie. “They are all young and in the same celebrity fishbowl, so they hang out together. They have a lot in common with each other and are having a great time in the city. Emilie and Rob are friends – they were in the smoking room together at the Soho House, but there were many other people in there with them! Camilla had other friends there she was hanging out with so she sat with them alone for awhile. Camilla has a whole New York group of friends that she has meet up with them and it makes for fun nights. They are all young and having fun. Nothing serious, yet!”

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  1. robert pattinson is always rumored to be in a love triangle. this would be a love pentagon if you counted kristen stewart and nikki reed. ridic!

  2. Any celebrity is rumored to be in a love triangle when they have friends of the opposite sex. It’s really quite pathetic when you think about it. It may not be as interesting, but I would much rather hear the truth about celebrities instead of these ridiculous, far-fetched stories which the paparazzi make up just to get better ratings.

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