Romance Is a Girl's Best Friend

A woman seeks advice about how to ask her boyfriend to be more romantic.


In Need of a Little Romance

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: How do I approach the man I love and give him hints that I want him to be more romantic? It’s difficult because I am not a demanding person, and am use to waiting for someone to reveal themselves to me in their own time. I am finally ready to step up to the plate so to speak, and I would like to feel more needed than I have been. My boyfriend and I are going two years strong, but we live in different cities which is challenging enough. We are presently working on moving in together, but I need him to be more romantic.

Avery: You should try to be the one who initiates the romantic scenario and then show him how you are in this kind of situation. Hopefully he’ll get the hint and try to reciprocate. If he doesn’t ever “get the hint” when you are enjoying some close time together, bring it up in a nice, soothing, gentle and non- confrontational way. Sometimes pointing out the obvious is a great plan with exceptional results.

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