Running Out of Ideas

A runner asks why her body is no longer responding to six-mile runs.

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Running Out of Ideas

Dear Renee: In the last two years I have become an avid runner. I run anywhere from 20-30 miles per week. When I first started running I dropped 10 lbs immediately and saw great overall results – my tummy was flat, arms were super toned, etc. I still run that same amount (maybe even a bit more) but am not seeing the same results. I can go on a six mile run and feel nothing the next day and I don’t feel as toned. Is it possible I have become immune to running? Help!

–Avid Runner

Dear Avid Runner: There are many factors that can contribute to how you now feel. One of the first things to look at is your diet. How healthy is it? Are you getting enough calories to support your activity? Are you eating more calories than you need? Are you getting the right balance and types of foods for a runner? I don’t think you’ve become immune to running, but your body has become conditioned, so the effort for a six mile run will feel much less than when you started training. Try adding strength training exercises to your routine for muscle toning.

You might consider a visit with a dietitian who specializes in sports nutrition. The American Dietetics Association has an online search to help you make changes that can keep you healthy and fit! If you’re a ‘do it yourself’ kind of person, check out the book Getting It Right From the Start by Nancy Clark (dietitian and expert in sports nutrition), which is written for runners.

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