Sandra Bullock: Family Comes First

An insider tells BettyConfidential that the Golden Globe winner is taking some time off to focus on being a mom to her husband Jesse James' kids.
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But for Sandra, her family is her true reward in life. The actress became teary-eyed a few weeks ago when she paid an emotional tribute to her family during her acceptance speech at the People’s Choice awards. “To my family,” she said. “Life is hard sometimes, but we get through it with laughter. And, to my Dad — I hope you’re feeling better. And my husband, who is my boyfriend, who makes me feel like this every single day. He allows me to leave the house and he keeps things settled until I get back so I get to do what I get to do.”

Then, just last week at the Golden Globes, Sandra, who won for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama, said, “To my husband. There’s no surprise that my work got better when I met you. Because I never knew what it felt like for someone to have my back.

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“Jesse is so taken aback by Sandra’s desire to be his child’s mom. He was thrilled that she stepped up to take care of Sunny, but now for her to cut back on her workload for her – he’s just overwhelmed with happiness.”

And, as if taking care of a husband and kids wasn’t hectic enough, in addition to running her production company, Sandra also owns a restaurant, Bess Bistro; a bakery, Walton’s Fancy and Staple, and a flower shop in Austin, Texas.

“I’m lucky and this blessed,” Sandra told the friend, who adds, “She’s a perfect mom. She’s very organized and focused. She’s considered Jesse’s kids her own from the moment she met him. The kids come first, no matter what.”

In fact, Sandra always jokes that she has four kids – including Jesse. “He’s like a kid with a toy when it comes to his motorcycles. Jesse spent his time at the Golden Globes talking with Mickey Rourke about motorcycles. Jesse was thrilled to find a new pal with the same interest and the two exchanged numbers.” Sandra told her pal, “Jesse’s got a new best friend. He is so funny. This kind of stuff [the award show] is not for him, but talking choppers is.”

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