Sandra Bullock Fears for Her Life

The actress is reportedly worried that her husband will lash out dramatically as she files for divorce.

Sandra Bullock Fears for Her Life

The actress is reportedly worried that her husband will lash out dramatically as she files for divorce.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock allegedly has her divorce petition ready to go, but some claim a violent man is stopping her from filing – her estranged husband, Jesse James.

“Sandra has barely slept the past couple of weeks because she’s worried Jesse will try to kill her in the middle of the night and then kill himself,” a source told serial celebrity biographer Ian Halperin’s site, “Her security team will do whatever is necessary to take Jesse out if he tries to get within a block of her.”

According to an unnamed source, Sandra’s divorce papers include allegations of abuse and a request for a restraining order.

“She’s terrified of him,” the source said. “Sandra is taking every precaution to make sure she buries Jesse.” also claims Jesse is clinging to a Sandra sex tape, which he plans to release if Sandra goes forward with the divorce. Sandra’s team allegedly searched the couple’s home to find the tape, but walked away empty-handed.

“Jesse has it hidden somewhere safe and sound,” a source said. “He probably has an armed guard watching it round the clock to make sure it does not disappear.”

Another source claims that isn’t the only one. An unnamed source told that Jesse has at least a dozen sex tapes made with various woman, and that some of them feature “Nazi paraphernalia.”

“It’s all really quite disturbing,” the source said, in the understatement of the year. has even more disturbing details.

What do you think of the latest allegations? ( via Newser,

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0 thoughts on “Sandra Bullock Fears for Her Life

  1. If I were Sandra, I would place “nice” to Jesse, like I wanted to reconcile….than I would find that tape, destroy it and have him served with divorce papers….and run….

  2. Why do people tape themselves having sex if they don’t want them one day to surface? I’d never let taping happen, and I’m not even in the public eye. When it does, it’s exhibitionism at its ugliest. If Sandra Bullock’s surfaces, it will say something a little different from the Angel Image assigned to her and that she’s done nothing to dispel. She may fear James, but why did she hook up with him at all? The guy’s a cess pool, and she didn’t marry him blindly. Now she’s afraid of what he, or likelier, some hardcore biker buddy might do to her? I don’t hope anything bad happens to her for being Less Than She’s Made Out To Be, and she’s probably the best thing that’s ever happened to his kids, but she’d have to have lived under a glass jar all her life to be unaware of hardcore biker culture. James’ women are biker-style types. If Bullock thought she could change him, she was just plain stupid. And she’s stupid if she thinks he’d kill himself if he did kill her. Hardcore bikers are not a population with a large suicide rate; quite the contrary. He’d figure: “Got that bitch!” NOT: “I’m so sorry I can’t live with this shame!” or: “My God, I can’t without her.” He’s as likely to kill himself as I am to drink battery acid, which is to say, not at all.

  3. I don’t believe a word of it, Jesse has a good relationship with his first wife, and if he never ran into Janine again he’d be a happy guy. He’s never been violent or had the reputation of being violent. I don’t agree with what he did in anyway but trashing the guy as a violent psychopath because he cheated is just bad reporting, but what I’d expect from Radar online who is pretty much the sole income of that skeeze bag lying sack of poo, Michael Lohan. They lost any credibility they might have had throwing in with that dirtbag, and notice it’s always an unidentified source. In other words the site owners mom.

  4. This is what happen with nice lady’s that are attracted to bad people, because they think it is cool.
    The bad news is that trash is trash no matter how you disguise it. This guy is nothing but a glorified indecent mechanic with no manners or education.

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