Sandra Bullock Won't Go Back to Jesse James

The actress moved out just as his cheating scandal broke, and she isn't going back.

Sandra Bullock Won’t Go Back to Jesse James

The actress moved out just as his cheating scandal broke, and she isn’t going back.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Sandra Bullock

By the time Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee made tabloid headlines, Sandra Bullock had already moved out of the house she shared with estranged husband (and serial cheater) Jesse James. Now sources are saying Sandra is gone for good.

“An apology isn’t going to cut it here,” a source told “Jesse didn’t have a one-night stand. He pursued many women. And who knows how many more haven’t been made public yet?”

Sandra won’t stick around to find out. She’s keeping her distance from Jesse by holing up in her house in the Hollywood Hills – a house she bought before Jesse entered the picture, and kept throughout their marriage.

“Sandra is such a classy woman,” one source told “To have her husband cheating on her and cheating with so many women, it’s just something she doesn’t deserve.”

We agree, but we’re thrilled to hear that Sandra never gave up her other home. Hopefully, as Sandra endures this terrible ordeal, she won’t forget that she is one smart cookie with many millions, an Academy Award, and legions of fans supporting her. (

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  1. This is a PR nightmare for Sandra and there is no recovery even if he goes to sex rehab, he screwed or got blown by an openly white supremacist. I think she’s on really good terms with Karla, Jesse’s first wife and will work something out with Janine to be able to see Sunny and she will have a relationship with the kids and Jesse will lose out in all of this, he looks like an immature idiot who likes to fool around with trashy women on the couch in his office, not even being seen with any of them in public. He just thought he could get away with screwing strippers and troll who would never have money problems because they bend over and shake it for a dollar why would Jesse thought they wouldn’t sell him out in a heartbeat. Whore’s doing what whore’s do!

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