Sarah Jessica Parker is Shrinking!

Those close to SJP are starting worry about the fashionista's obsession with hitting the gym.

Sarah Jessica Parker is Shrinking!

Those close to SJP are starting to worry about the fashionista’s obsession with hitting the gym.

-Carolyn French

Sarah Jessica Parker

No, no, no! This is not good. Earlier this month we were nearly rendered speechless by Sarah Jessica Parker’s scary skinny frame. Yes the mother of three has always been on the thin side but friends say she’s taking her exercise regime to an extreme.

The Sex and the City star’s typically toned arms are now gaunt and veiny, and word is she has shrunk down to a size 0 (she was previously a healthy size 4).

Sarah Jessica Parker

“She’s always been health conscious, but this is a whole new level,” a concerned pal told Closer magazine. “She’s worried she’s looking old and feels she needs to up her workout regime to stay healthy, but it’s as though she’s become obsessed. It’s normal for her to be at the gym for two hours every day as well as going for five mile runs – and she’s eating as leanly as humanly possible.”

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SJP claims that it’s difficult for her to put on weight … is that really the case though? (Daily Mail)

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0 thoughts on “Sarah Jessica Parker is Shrinking!

  1. That’s not flab on her arms — it’s loose skin. As you age, your skin gets thinner and loses its elasticity, and it starts to hang rather than cling to the body. This also happens when you lose weight because your fat cells shrink, but your skin doesn’t (that’s why so many women get tummy tucks to remove the excess stretched-out skin after pregnancy or major weight loss). Considering SJP is getting older and appears to be losing weight, it’s not surprising that she has loose skin on her arms. They would actually probably look better with a little ‘flab’ to help fill out & shape the skin.

    I wish women in Hollywood realized that losing too much weight only makes them look older, not younger. If their goal is to look young and healthy, they need some fat on their bodies & faces! Or they could just try accepting that aging is a natural process, and it’s okay to look the age that you are.

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