Sarah Palin and David Letterman Sparring

At a New York fundraiser and on Dave's Top 10 List, there was a focus on the governor's toes...

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Sarah Palin and David Letterman Sparring

At a New York fundraiser and on Dave’s Top 10 List, there was a focus on the governor’s toes…

-Stephanie Elliot

Sarah Palin toesSarah Palin‘s not been in the limelight much lately, but she’s baa-aack. She recently made an appearance at a Walk Now for Autism  fundraiser in New York. Palin’s nephew, Karcher, 14, is on the autism spectrum, and her 1-year-old son, Trig, has Down syndrome, so she’s no stranger to a child with special needs and she attended the event to lend her support to the organization.

Palin said the event was really great for Karcher because he was able to see that “there’s a whole lot of people out there who share with him some of the challenges he’s living with and overcoming.”

It’s unclear as to how much walking Palin actually did. While her intent was to walk with her husband and sister, Heather Bruce, alongside Karcher, Elizabeth Emken, vice president of government relations for Autism Speaks, said her presence on the route would have slowed down the walk. Other online sources indicate Sarah left shortly after the walk began to attend a Yankees game.

What we know for sure? Palin did not appear as a guest on David Letterman’s show while in New York; however, she was the topic of Dave’s Top Ten List, which highlighted “activities” of her visit to the Big Apple. Apparently, Dave didn’t get the notice that Palin was walking for autism while in town. He thought she “bought makeup from Bloomingdale’s to update her ‘slutty flight attendant’ look.”

I have to respectfully disagree with Letterman’s perception of Palin. It’s more like “sexy librarian” look, dontchaknow, Dave? And for the record, we’re pretty sure Palin did not “key Tina Fey’s car” or “make moose jerky on Rachael Ray” while in town.

What we also know is that during her speech prior to the autism walk, many eyes were focused on her toes. What was it about her feet that had photographers scrambling for the perfect shot? Her toenails were painted bright red and adorned with what seem to be mini rhinestones.

On the campaign trail, Sarah Palin had always looked her best, but most of the time, she wore close-toed shoes, so the intrigue of her bare toes at the walk had photographers quite interested.

And a little added adornment of some mini rhinestones just suggests Sarah is trendy, according to Roxanne Valinotti of Creative Nail Design. “The toes are a great clue inside a person’s alter ego …” Valinotti said, “and her blinged-out toes suggest she is a free spirit.”

Of course, when it came time to start the walk, Palin switched out of her red leather wedges and put on some shoes a little more appropriate for walking. Does this lead us to believe she purposely wanted to draw attention to her piggies, or is she just a fashionable woman with a nice pedicure?

I’m not sure of the answer, but another question I have is this: Sarah, I know OPI  doesn’t make a nail polish called Slutty Flight Attendant, but were you wearing OPI’s A Oui Bit of Red or OPI on Collins Avenue? Quite frankly, I’m in dire need of a pedi myself, and your toes look great!

Meanwhile, Sarah and Todd Palin both have released statements condemning David Letterman’s jokes and calling them “sexually perverted” amongst other things. Wednesday night, Dave took to his show to defend himself and – of course – extend an invitation to the Governor to appear on his show. Take a peek – and then let us know what you think about his jokes, the Palin’s reaction and – of course – Sarah Palin’s toes!

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0 thoughts on “Sarah Palin and David Letterman Sparring

  1. This is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time! The Palins are really silly to accuse Letterman of promoting sex with underage children. On the other hand — we’re all crazy to be so interested in SARAH PALIN’S TOES!

  2. the world is REALLY concerned about this crazy’s toes? wtf – swine flu, the enconomy, etc etc and they focus on toes – good for them! makes me sick!

  3. David Letterman is hilarious in that clip. What a funny dude. I would LOVE to see Palin on his show. Maybe they should have a family group hug. Although what if Dave tries to grope one of the girls? Oops, better not say that–Sarah might come after me!

  4. ‘Slutty flight attendant’?! Seriously? That’s incredibly sexist. Ugh. Palin’s politics repulse me, but saying ‘it’s just a joke’ doesn’t make it ago.

  5. David Letterman is great in that clip as usual. I wondered a couple things when I was reading the article 1) it sounds as though someone has a little crush on Sarah Palin’s feet and 2) where exactly does Palin and family find these names for their kids? I mean Bristol, Trig and Karcher… it sounds like these poor kids were named after the streets they were conceived on.

  6. David Letterman gets paid to be funny and he certainly is. I think he is so popular because as many comedians do he gets laughs at other people’s expense.

  7. I see my comment calling Letterman a tasteless, sexist, punk was not posted. That shows how impartial Betty is. Letterman should be yanked off the air for making off-color jokes about minor children!!!!

  8. I do not think the jokes were funny. Would they ever make jokes about Hilary’s daughter? Granted, the older daughter made a mistake, but leave all the kids out of it, and show a little respect.

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