Sarah Palin's Speaking Contract Demands: Bendable Straws!

The former Alaska governor has a lengthy and detailed contract for speaking at any public event.

Sarah Palin’s Speaking Contract Demands: Bendable Straws!

The former Alaska governor has a lengthy and detailed contract for speaking at any public event.

-Faye Brennan

Sarah Palin

When celebrities are booked for gigs and appearances, they usually come with a list of demands for their accomodation — J. Lo requests only Egyptian cotton bed sheets, while Mariah Carey sometimes likes a box of puppies on hand to play with. We giggle at these demands (“Aren’t pop stars silly?”), but we’d never think Sarah Palin would have her own list of requirements as well.

But yes, the Tea Partier has a 5-page long speaking contract, which students at California State University found in the trash on campus where Palin is scheduled to speak this summer.

Aside from reportedly pocketing $100,000 per speaking appearance, Palin also expects star treatment throughout the duration of the event. In her contract, it states that whoever books Palin to speak is responsible for paying for two round-trip first class tickets to and from the event. And, if it’s a private plane it “MUST BE a Lear 60 or larger.”

For hotel accomodations, Palin requests a “one-bedroom suite and two single rooms in a deluxe hotel.” All meals, hotel charges and expenses are billed to the customer (that means any chocolate she takes from the mini fridge), and there better be a computer and printer in the room!

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At the actual speaking event, Palin requests a “Wooden lecturn with lip and fixed microphones… no Plexiglas or thin lecterns please.” She also requests that tables must have skirts on them (worried about people staring at your legs, Sarah?).

The lighting must be perfect, shining directly over Palin’s head but shouldn’t be blinding her, and there should be two unopened bottles of still water, “and bendable straws are to be placed in or near the wooden lectern.”

If there’s a Q&A session, don’t think you’ll be able to ask Palin a question yourself. “The questions are to be collected from the audience in advance, pre-screened and a designated representative shall ask questions directly of the Speaker to avoid delay time with a roving microphone in the audience.” 

And, if audience members would like to get their picture taken with the former Vice Presidential candidate, there is a detailed illustration at the end of the 5-page contract for how the picture-taking station should be set-up. The diagrams “are the most effective set-up,” claims the contract. Yes, because organizing these types of events is like performing brain surgery. Thank goodness we have a diagram! (Politics Daily)

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0 thoughts on “Sarah Palin's Speaking Contract Demands: Bendable Straws!

  1. Our Lady of the Tea Bags’ appearance demands show she must think she’s equal to or above A-list Hollywood performers. Wrong. Though many of them know a lot more about almost anything than Palin does, as she incessantly proves every time she opens her mouth.

    President Obama should keep himself above responding to anything she says, even if only to dismiss it, as he did. The woman babbles ignorance and sedition every time she opens her mouth.

    What if she were elected president in 2012, decided mid-way she didn’t like it, as she did with her “governership” of Alaska, and just quit? She probably would quit, because I’m sure the ethics violations she racked up in Alaska would be piddly compared to what she do in Washington. And since her husband was the shadow governor in Alaska, reviewing all she did, even to line-item budget cutting, he’d be the “real” president, not Palin, a man who wanted Alaska to secede from the Union. We don’t need either of them anywhere.

    The media, as well as the president, should stop paying attention to this loudmouth hunter/killer/ sh*t disturber. That includes this site.

  2. You honestly believe that movie stars know more than Sarah Palin. Try reading her book and see what an effective governor she was.

    She is a rock star and her demands are not unrealisitc. Two bottles of water with bendable straws is hardly prima donna treatment. Most speakers demand first class air fare and a first class hotel room.

  3. she was a governor for half a term.. then she quit, not a role model in my eyes. taught young women everywhere that when the going gets tough quit. she really needs to go home and worry about her own back yard before she starts preaching what i can do in mine.

  4. This is ridiculous.
    … No, not the fact that there are criteria for speaking engagements, which is the norm for high profile public speakers. (You should have seen the list when WA State Governor Locke spoke at my public high school my senior year – and my high school was SMALL). The ridiculous factor is that this is newsworthy. Tell me, had it been a democrat, would it have made it on this website?
    Basically, it comes down to this: if she or any other public speaker, political or otherwise, has a list of demands for appearances **AND** the host of the event decides to fufill the requests and pay the fee… who are we to say anything?! Seriously.
    Besides, the CSU students are helping the US economy by running to Costco to get the bendy straws! Win for everyone!

  5. I’m not sure why anyone would want to hear her speak in the first place. The woman is dumb as a bag of hair. I also don’t know why this was important enough to write about.

  6. She can’t be totally stupid if she was elected governor, or at least we hope not, but she is sure in the George W. Bush league of public speakers. By that I mean she comes across as a big dummy. I think she is the scariest thing to come along in many, many years. She is a quitter and quitters never win. (I hope, I hope!)

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