Sarah Palin Bites Back at Ashley Judd

Sarah Palin is firing back at Ashley Judd and the Defenders of Wildlife organization

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Sarah Palin Bites Back at Ashley Judd

Who’s really crying wolf?

-April Daniels Hussar

Ashley Judd Sarah PalinA few days ago the organization Defenders of Wildlife launched a video of Ashley Judd decrying Sarah Palin’s advocacy of aerial wolf-hunting. The video is part of a campaign “dedicated to exposing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s anti-conservation agenda.”

Now, Sarah Palin is firing back. In a statement released yesterday, the woman oft-referred-to as “Caribou Barbie” declared Defenders of Wildlife an “extreme fringe group” and chastised them for “twisting the truth” and trying to raise money for their cause from cash-strapped Americans.

“The ad campaign by this extreme fringe group, as Alaskans have witnessed over the last several years, distorts the facts about Alaska’s wildlife management programs.

Alaskans depend on wildlife for food and cultural practices which can’t be sustained when predators are allowed to decimate moose and caribou populations. Our predator control programs are scientific and successful at protecting vulnerable wildlife.

“Shame on the Defenders of Wildlife for twisting the truth in an effort to raise funds from innocent and hard-pressed Americans struggling with these rough economic times.”

It’s no secret that Sarah Palin isn’t the biggest supporter of environmentalist causes – she recently redoubled her efforts to open up the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge to oil-drilling. But is this wolf-hunting actually a necessary evil to keep the population under control and things in balance?

According to the Defenders of Wildlife’s anti-Palin site, “Palin offered a $150 bounty for wolves to entice hunters to kill more wolves in certain parts of the state, with hunters having to present a wolf’s foreleg to collect the bounty.” They also dispute Palin’s claim that she supports “predator management” via aerial-hunting because “Alaskans need to hunt for food” – if that’s true, they ask, then why are sportspeople the ones who support wolf-hunting and not advocates for the poor and hungry? And why are out-of-state hunters allowed to compete with Alaskan hunters for the “food?”

Those sound like good questions to me. But what I really want to know is … why Ashley Judd?

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0 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Bites Back at Ashley Judd

  1. K S – both sides of the story are presented, so it IS balanced. Honestly, Sarah Palin IS the one in the wrong. If the wolf slaughter is for Alaskans to have food, then WHY are out-of-state hunters allowed to compete? Also, aren’t there other protein alternatives such as tofu, avocado, beans, etc. that they could eat instead? April is just presenting the information from her point of view, which is what writing an article is all about.

  2. I agree that it’s April’s point of view. More information on the State of Alaska’s position is available on its website.

    As I understand it, wolves were decimating the numbers of caribou, moose, and deer. Those who hunt the predatory wolves allow the caribou, moose, and deer populations to expand. So, why would it matter where the wolf hunters come from?

    Of course there are protein alternatives, but what is your point? Allow wolves to kill even more prey? Maybe young caribou would prefer to be killed with a bullet than ripped apart by a wolf.

    Personally, I don’t eat beef, but I don’t want to impose my views about not slaughtering cows on others.

  3. KS,

    I’m with you 100%. And yes, they could have used a more flattering picture of Gov. Palin as she is gorgeous and just as attractive as Miss. Judd. I am a former Alaskan and appreciate the fight Gov. Palin had/has on her hands. And I am a supporter of hers. I understand all about predation and know that it is meant to sustain future wolf populations as well as moose and caribou. Having said that, I will not however get into any cat fights about who is right or hypocritical. I am not trying to change anyone’s mind or position. We ALL have a right to our opinions and they should be respected. By the way, you should try moose steaks. A native Eskimo family was so kind as to invite me over to dinner one day and shared some with me. Yummy!

  4. I wasn’t calling K S hypocritical. I was referring to Alaska’s idea of “saving” the prey while Alaska makes wolves their own prey, which is a valid point. I wasn’t trying to have a “cat fight” either. I was simply trying to have an intelligent debate with another intelligent woman. Debates bring ideas to the attention of both parties, so they can both learn.

  5. Aircraft chasing wolves to the point of exhaustion, and then landing and shooting animals no longer able to run can hardly be claimed to be a necessary part of predator control. In addition, most aerial wolf hunting in Alaska is done by rich urbanites, who may or may not be Alaska residents. The push for this type of hunt by the governor and other politicians may be fueled more by the money it brings into the state, than concerns for predator control. She spent $400,000 to promote the practice in the weeks before a vote to outlaw it.

    A raft of scientists has argued that Palin has provided little evidence that the current program of systematically killing wolves, estimated at a population of 7,000 to 11,000, will result in more moose for hunters. State estimates of moose populations have come under scrutiny. Some wildlife biologists say predator control advocates don’t even understand what wolves eat and are concerned that her methods are endangering both wolves and moose.

    She is undaunted by facts and ignores the long held understanding dating to the 1920s that wolves are important to Alaska’s ecology. She introduced legislation that would transfer authority over the program from the state Department of Fish and Game to Alaska’s Board of Game, whose members are appointed by her, so that she would not have to deal with those who question her will. This is how she operates.

    Palin edits science to support her personal views. She questions global warming and has endorsed teaching creationism is public schools. In my opinion, Palin is ruthless and wedded to ideology over information. This is a dangerous combination.

  6. I believe Governor Palin is probably right, and Ashley Judd should stick to show business. Wildlife management is the job of the Department of Natural Resources of the respective state, and it is their job to keep a balance of predators and prey. Alaska is probably the only state where it makes sense to harvest part of the wolf population.

  7. A very good point my friend brought up last night – why don’t they just transport the wolves instead of kill them? There’s an idea that doesn’t involve murder.

  8. Killing wolves never involves murder because murder means unlawfully killing a human being.

    If the pro-wolf people have an available wolf sanctuary and want to pay for transportation and worry about what to feed them, maybe that’s a good idea.

  9. I believe that all beings should be treated equally, and in my opinion, any killing is murder to me. Just because we’re the “top of the food chain” shouldn’t mean that we get more rights as humans. It’s a superiority complex, and once again, this is just my opinion. Also, the wolves could be transported to other areas of wilderness. All I’m saying is that there are other options.

  10. What you have here is two predators competing for the same prey, one to have food to sustain life, one to have “fun” and make money. I know which predator gets my sympathy. Wonder what Palin does with those wolf legs she pays hunters to give her. By the way, unlike humans, wolves mate for life, so, hunters, if you take out one, take out its mate, too, to spare it the lonely anguish of what’s left of its life.

  11. I agree 100% with Jordan!!! WHY?
    Let’s transport the wolves instead of kill them, I think the government won’t mind if we spend money in this matter, but if they don’t have any budget for this purpose, then I don’t think people like Jordan won’t mind to donate her money in the middle of crisis like now since we love the nature more than the human being.
    You know, if only we all are being so generous and being so friendly to oil companies, like for example Saudi, I don’t think they will ever play the gas price on us anymore! Same principal with the Iraq or Iran. We just need to sit and talk to them! Because they are a friendly people and a kind heated people! Wannna prove? Well, take a look how they treated their own people there, especially women! Women, because they are so special for them, women have their own space to eat when they go to restaurants! Ans also because women are so special for them, they have to eat AFTER the men all the men eat first, meaning women can take their time to chit chat before they eat their meal. Oh, and wait! Because women are so special for them, women don’t have to go to work there! That’s why you won’t see any women working in the office, more over as senator!
    It makes you want to move there, doesn’t it!
    Oh, and also if you “moved” there, then you can laugh at USA now, because USA rely on your oil and USA people stupid enough NOT to allow their own people to drill the oil in their own land! But yet they allow other countries to do it. And while you there, you can play with the gas price too! Since USA so depending on you! USA people can NOT do anything because we are just so busy to save the animals rather our own people and our next generations!

  12. In all the conversations about Palin, I think that this is the most sensible statement yet-

    In my opinion, Palin is ruthless and wedded to ideology over information. This is a dangerous combination.”

    As I said before, Palin needs to go away now.

  13. Interesting contrast of statements: “Alaskans depend on wildlife for food” and “According to the Defenders of Wildlife’s anti-Palin site, “Palin offered a $150 bounty for wolves to entice hunters to kill more wolves in certain parts of the state, with hunters having to present a wolf’s foreleg to collect the bounty.”

    Gonna skin ’em and toss ’em on the Bar-B, is she?

  14. By the way, why NOT Ashley Judd? Why not anyone who feels as she does? She had access to the media everyday sorts such as ourselves lack. I think well-known personalities have every much as right to express their opinions as we do — they just know how to get their views across, which we don’t, except on the Internet.

  15. You know, I actually LIVED in alaska for 18 years and I can quatifyingly say that it is NOT like any other state in the Union by any stretch of the imagination. Transport wolves??? Where would you transport them to? Canada? People “outside” as we call the lower 48, just haven’t a clue how things are in the biggest state in America. Every summer I lived there some dumb tourist would go missing, having wandered off the road never to be seen again except as brunch for the countless grizzlies, wolverines, wolves or whathaveyou. This is NOT Estes Park people. This is a wild land where there are far more wolves than humans, far more bears than humans, and an incalculable number of caribou, none of which would be put out if we dug up ANWR because if you lived there, and saw the immensity of the area instead of just listening to the propagandizment of the media (who, in this last election, proved they are without a doubt, the largest self inflicted weapon we Americans have let loose upon ourselves), you would understand that the space that the drilling would take up is like your smallest toenail in relation to your entire body. Meanwhile, there are millions of untouched acres still there for the caribou to play in. People’s naivete about Alaska is ridiculous. Go visit before you make a statement. Its not Indiana, its not Colorado, its not even Texas. I actually had two wolves for pets while we lived there, and several dogs and what I found out is that unless you’ve imported a dog from somewhere else, most likely EVERY dog in Alaska IS part wolf. They are prolific! And need I remind you all that whether or not you want to believe it, the killing of animals is NOT murder. If so, then God Himself is a murderer because He killed the first animal in the book of Genesis to clothe His people. And in case you’re thinking He does kill people, just to cover my bases, check out Hebrews 2:14…you’ll find your clergy is mistaken at the funerals, too. Anyway, point is, wolves are more than plentiful, many people that live in Alaska eat all the animals they can kill so some wolves are most likely getting digested by humans somewhere in the tundra…and I would guess that we have more poaching in Alaska than say, in Wisconsin, simply because you can’t cover a state of that size. Meanwhile, if you let the wolf population increase, the moose population will decrease, which in turn not only hurts the humans who depend on the moose for food, but the bears will become feisty fighting over whats left. Sarah is doing an amazing job – honestly taking a scientific approach to a problem you can’t understand with your peta glasses on. Here’s a thought. Just for fun, try thinking for yourself again like you used to as a child and quit believing all the crap the media pushes on you. They’re rarely honest or factual – biased news has become our country’s heartbeat. How sad.

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