Big Bucks for Sarah's Stylists

Sarah Palin spent $165,000 to look good

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Big Bucks for Sarah’s Stylists

She spent $165,000 to look good

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The claws are still out, and the dirt is still flying. That’s because the McCain presidential campaign has announced that more than $165,000 was spent for a trio of stylists for Sarah Palin this fall. The figures showed up in a new campaign report filed last week. The report also documented more purchases on Palin’s behalf from stores as wide-ranging as Victoria’s Secret and Toys R Us.

A New York stylist named Lisa L. Kline received more than $50,000 for her work, and Palin’s traveling makeup artist Amy Strozzi (who won an Emmy for Do You Think You Can Dance?) raked in almost $70,000. Palin’s traveling hair dresser, Angela Lew, received more than $40,000.


Hollywood stylists told the New York Times they thought the figures were high but not that high. Some did wonder why she needed a separate makeup artist and hairdresser since lots of professionals can do both jobs.

Hollywood stars can spend thousands – even six figures – preparing for just one red-carpet appearance. The figure might include liposuction, teeth whitening and Botox even before the makeup is applied and the gown struggled into. Still one wonders if celebs, including Sarah, are so attractive, why do they have to spend all that money to look good. And if someone spent all that money on us, couldn’t we look just as good before our prime-time moment or before our interview with Katie? Heck, we might even be able to answer most of her questions.

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0 thoughts on “Big Bucks for Sarah's Stylists

  1. Well: I’d like to know where precisely is the analysis of the money spent (and origin of same) on Michelle Obama? Narcisco Rodriguez doesn’t exactly come cheap. Nor do 1/2 hour primetime tv ads.

  2. I just read my comment again, and it sounds really snarky. Sorry about that, but it was borne out of the frustration of the double standard that continues to be applied, although the election is over!

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