Sarah Palin to Become a Granny

Sarah Palin will be a grandmother by the end of the week.


Sarah Palin: From Governor to Granny

Sarah’s first grandchild due the end of this week

-Stephanie Elliot

Sarah Palin and familyWith Sarah Palin scheduled to become a grandmother the end of this week, everyone’s got to be wondering what is going on with the famous family “up there in Alaska.” had the opportunity to talk with Sarah Palin’s dad, Chuck Heath, to find out how the family is doing days before Bristol and Levi’s son (yep, it’s a boy) is scheduled to arrive.

From what soon-to-be great-grandpa Heath said, the Palin home sounds like it’s taking on the feel of the North Pole, with gifts piled up everywhere. Says Mr. Heath, “There’s all kinds of gifts laying around the place – all kinds of baby stuff … more than she’ll ever use.”

I wonder if any of those gifts include fishing rods, hockey sticks or mini-snow racing machines?

With the Palin family being so active, I’m guessing this child (who’s not yet named, but Sarah’s dad joked that they’ll call him Oscar … something tells us they won’t be calling him Barack!) will be born brandishing a hockey stick and a facemask. Dad-to-be Levi is huge into hockey; future grandpa Todd Palin is a world champion snow-machine racer. Of course, we all know that soon-to-be Grandma Governor Palin is into fishing and hunting so there’s no doubt the newest family member will have plenty of sports to choose from when he gets older!

On what type of grandmother his daughter will be, Chuck Heath says Sarah will make a great grandmother because she’s a great mother and a great daughter. She’s a busy woman, but when it comes to that new baby, “she’ll get her licks in. Don’t worry.”

We wish Bristol and Levi all the best as they prepare to welcome their little bundle of boy into the world later this week and hope for a happy and safe delivery! And we’re sure that Sarah Palin will take her job as Grandma just as seriously as she took to the campaign trail.

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